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Bodyse Desk D1 – Exercise Desk Bike

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Bodyse Desk D1 can be used as an exercise bike or standing desk. Padded seat with backrest and padded grips, it has an adjustable prop for tablet, book, laptop, etc, it also has a laptop strap and a cupholder. The height is completely adjustable. The workout monitor tracks time, speed, distance, calories, total distance, and scan function.

Bodyse Desk D1 Specifications

Brand: Bodyse
Condition: New
Weight: 15-20 kg
Maximum User Weight: 125kg
Dimensions: 45.50 x 37.30 x 27.50 in (LxWxH)
Display Screen: No
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

145 reviews for Bodyse Desk D1 – Exercise Desk Bike

  1. Bj.

    So far I love it it was missing some washer my husband had some.

  2. laurenawild

    This bike has been fantastic! It works wonderful and the price is great compared to the majority of other stationary bikes.

  3. Denise Koker

    I love my bike. Reasonably small, light weight, and easy to put together. Quiet. After my initial experience receiving a damage bike, I couldn’t be happier.

  4. Deann Silkenson

    Easy to assemble

  5. Richard Smith

    Like it, both my husband and I ride it every day.

  6. Fabiana

    Very good!

  7. Joe

    This is a great exercise bike and desk combo. I’m able to pedal at varying resistance levels and work on my laptop or watch movies at the same time. This is a great way to be more active and less sedentary while doing sit down kind of work. Use it instead of lounging on the couch and keep your heart rate up. The quality is great, seat is fairly comfortable, its pretty compact and fits in the corner of my living room and works great overall.


    ALL IS OK.

  9. Turducken

    The bike is awesome & the manufacturer’s customer service is top notch. If you’re tired of working long hours just to spend your hard-earned money on buying even bigger pants ’cause you have no time left for exercise, then look no further. I use mine when I work at home, but I’m thinking about getting a second one for the office because it is really quiet and my pedaling won’t bug the coworkers…they will certainly be jealous, but not bothered by noise. : )

  10. Jo Ellen

    Loving it. I use it at home to get a little exercise.

  11. Alberto

    I love this bike! It’s vey easy to assemble and very stable. Even my 12 year old boy love using it, while watching YouTube. Great buy for the money.

  12. tbohren

    I love the idea and this could be a decent product, but the one I received was defective. If you pedal fast, or adjust the to resistance higher than halfway, it makes a grinding noise. It sounds like the manufacturer may warranty it, but it’s annoying that I’ve already assembled the product & now have to deal with parts, shipping, returns, re-installation, etc.

  13. Mama Bear

    Meet all expectations.Easy to installCompactSmooth revolution

  14. Skylar Storm

    great exercise machine

  15. Sue

    I couldn’t be happier with this desk bike. I can get some computer work done and move at the same time.

  16. Homebikes Customer

    I’m recovering from heart bypass–Love my Wirk Ride Cycling Workstation

  17. KR

    Easy 1-person setup, took maybe 45 minutes to assemble. The box itself was a bit raggedy on arrival with a couple holes in the corners but all was intact inside. Another reviewer commented that the small bits (bolts, nuts) came loose in the box but mine were nicely packaged. Some of the parts are somewhat heavy/cumbersome, so if you’re ordering this for your frail grandmother or whoever make sure someone is on hand to help.The bike itself is decent. The resistance levels are easily adjustable and fairly wide-ranged. The seat is tolerably comfortable, the workstation part is very stable.Drawback is that, like other reviewers, mine started some sort of internal clicking/bumping noise that vibrates through the right pedal. Started doing it after about 15 minutes of use. It doesn’t bother me really but I’m contacting the seller to see if it’s something that might be causing internal damage, in which case I’ll replace it.

  18. Erica J. Price

    I should start off by saying that I am very mechanically challenged. The instructions were a little confusing, and some of the terms didn’t match up with the actual tool or screw needed. The whole thing from start to finish took a little over than an hour and a half to put together. I also did it all by myself. But somebody smarter than me or who had an idea of what they were doing may have been able to put it together in half that time. The bike itself is very sturdy, very quiet, and does fold up nicely. It is too heavy to lug around, and while I originally intended it for use at work, I think I’ll keep this one at home. So far I’ve used it while my husband and I watched tv and I played around on FB (yes I multitask). It does not provide a very intense workout, but it’s better than nothing, and if you use it for 2 hours at a time, you’re still burning calories. In our busy world today it’s nice to not have to sacrifice exercise for productivity. I almost gave this 4 stars for the sometimes confusing directions, but this is really a very nice bike.

  19. Gorgen

    It collapses to the measurements as described and it is easy to move around.I found the seat very comfortable for the periods that I like to use this bike. Usually half to one hourI find the bike comfortable for my measuremen6’1’’ & 180 lbs.The tabletop/desktop hold my computer or my tablet. Plus has a device to keep the computer in place.It is possible to use it as a stand desk.It feels very stableThe Tabletop and seat are easy to adjust. I found possible to change the position of the tabletop to different positions for example from sitting to working using the bike as stand desk. This adjustemtn I was able to do in a simple and easy wanly pressing the lever with one footThe bike function silently and the graduation of effort appears reasonable easy to use. I use a heart rate sensor to measure the aerobic effort and I have been able to reach the aerobic heart recommended by my physician.The technician mounted the bike in half hour. He came in time and after finishing he cleaned the area from the packing materials. He also offed instructions in how to adjust the bike. However the instructions about how to use the bike are pretty clear.

  20. Allison Cramer

    Decently easy to assemble. Great for college students such as myself.

  21. Tom F.

    Works as advertised. Mounted a larger top to the work area to increase space. 6’1″. Chair and top set to max height – would be better if chair and top could be higher to get full leg extension. No creaks or squeaks. Stable platform for 240 lbs.

  22. lkwan

    I returned the Fitdesk 2.0 due to defect and lack of customer service and decided to try the Wirk Ride Cycling workstation instead because it seems like the main cycling components are the same as Fitdesk and other similar unit out there. I am very happy with this purchase because the unit are more streamline (less components) and well built. I will try to use it for a month and see if I will change my opinion but for now, it is a good buy!

  23. amy

    I purchased this from Kohl’s (couldn’t beat the sale price, plus 30% off and Kohl’s cash!). It went together in less than an hour.It’s only day two, but I really like it… so far, so good.I’ve seen another review about this bike not “fitting” shorter people, and i have to agree…it’s not a perfect fit for my 5 foot body, but, if I sit up straight(better for my abs anyway), it’s fine.The rest button needs to be pushed with pressure and held for a second to reset (and that may be in the instructions, but I didn’t read the manual yet!).And, this is super quiet! I pedaled through a 20-minute conference call this afternoon and no one was the wiser! I was able to watch the related webex through my laptop sitting on the bike’s desk, too! I’d call that a win-win!Overall, I’m very happy with this bike!

  24. Glitter Kitten

    I really like this. I got it (from another place) about a week ago, and my non-handy kids put it together for me without difficulty. it’s pretty darned sturdy and works great. The seat is very nicely padded (I wish it was larger, but if my butt wasn’t so wide, it would be fine…LOL). I love the backrest… VERY nice feature. It allows you to shift your weight back somewhat to prolong the time you can sit on the seat. I’ve had a few exercise bikes in the past that have gone unused because the seats were too painful. This one is way better, but still gets sore after a while. I love the handles on the side of the seat. It is very adjustable in tension, which is great. The pedals work well. The greatest thing is the desk… I’ve wished for many many years that someone would make a way to make me work for my computer time, and this is IT, at a great price. My 17 inch laptop straps on nicely and securely (although being so large, it covers the cupholder and the meter). I just use the open space on the laptop for my mouse (going to have to rig something up to keep the mouse from slipping off, but that’s totally doable..,. a clip or something). I can challenge myself to exercise through a YouTube video based on the timing…I think this may be THE piece of exercise equipment that doesn’t become a dust collector for me. It’s already gotten more use in the first week than any of the other bikes…steppers… ellipticals… treadmills.. over the last 30 years. 😀

  25. Homebikes Customer

    I love this workstation, i work from home and it provides just enough resistence to work, very sturdy, comfortable seat and back rest. It was easy to assemble, maybe five minutes, and you are working. Can not say enough about this little gem. My only product improvement would be 30 inches wide workspace allowing for the use of a standard keyboard and mouse, no worries, I went down and bought a shelf from home depot and laid it accross to expand the workspace, works perfect now. Bravo for making an affordable active work station.

  26. Giselle

    After a lot of research, this is the only affordable folding bike with a tray that also fits a very tall person! Both my son and husband are 6’5” and they can finally fit in this one and and use it with no problem b/c their so giant! My son has even longer legs than my husband 9with an inseam of 34” for pant), and he still has room to move or ride with this bike with the tray. I am 5’8” and I can use it too. I love this seat because is much bigger than the one in my smaller women’s fold-able bike. This Wirk bike is larger and it seems sturdier too for larger people in weight, but it is so light to carry or fold (b/c the metal parts, strut, legs, feet are wider but hollow). My hubby is 200 lb and my son 220 lb. The tray is large for fit a big laptop. They like the cup holder. Thanks Wirk Ride for thinking about taller people (besides larger people)!!

  27. J. Lockridge

    As someone who has gained weight year over year mostly from having a sedentary job where I sit at a desk all day (and sometimes all night), I needed something to help me keep moving when I work. This thing is great. Since I got it, I’ve already lost 22lb, and I sleep better at night as well. Its easy to assemble, and is pretty stable. If you are looking for something easy to help stay a bit more active while working on a laptop or tablet, this thing is great.

  28. Sammy

    I bought, received, and assembled this bike in mid November of 2019. I began using it immediately, and I have ridden it 4+ days a week since, putting about 1250 miles on it as of February 25, 2020. I am a freelance audio transcriber, and I can type on my laptop while riding with no issues. The bike is so quiet that I have no problem hearing the audio I’m transcribing. I assembled the bike myself, BUT I used my own real tools, not what’s included in the box. The bike is super sturdy once assembled, but I don’t think that would be the case if someone didn’t use quality tools to put it together. Also, I confused the two pieces which are posts with a flat triangle on top – the support for the seat and the support for the desktop – the skinnier of the two will fit in either shaft, but the larger one only works for the seat, so I ended up having to partly disassemble and reassemble. Don’t be like me – check first. I have an arthritic foot and was searching for a fitness alternative to walking, and I am seriously thankful for this bike! I went from 30 to 60 minutes of walking per week to biking 10 to 25 miles 4 to 6 days a week!Highlights for scrollers:Assembled it by myself (but I recommend using your own tools)Sturdy, super quiet, and comfortable for me up to 90 minutesThe convenient readout tells me everything I want to knowThe little prop-up thingy for your phone or tablet is greatI never use the cupholder, but a water bottle fits in itI never used the coaster, but it comes with oneI love how easy it is to change the resistance levelYou can adjust the seat height, desk height, and the desk’s distance from you when seated, but not the tilt of the desktopI find it difficult to relocate the bike and only scoot it short distances, but I have terrible balance because of my Cerebral PalsyI SO appreciate the pedal straps! I have no trouble keeping my feet on the pedals even when biking hardTo sum up, I love this bike and I can exercise as much as I want for the first time in my life! My mom bought one for beside her desk at work, too.

  29. bita

    I really like my bike and am going to break down my feedback, believing that we have to keep expecttations realistic to what we pay:The BEAUTY:- It is quiet- can ride in the middle of the night if I wantThe good- for the price, you get a decent quality stationary bike that also offers a desk to work on. That is what you get.- 5-6 adjustment points: the seat height, the desk height and anterior-posterior position, the tension of the peddles, the height of the stirrup.- it is compact and foldable- it has a monitor showing calories, time, speed, distance, odometer- is overall sturdier than looks- decent quality that will take the work out (despite the review on the hour limit, I think if you are within 300 pounds (as instructed on the bike) you can keep going for a while)- the seat is fairly wide- wider than other upright bikes- has a back cusionThe bad:- the adjustment knobs for the desk position and peddle tension are less than sturdy– feel like they may come off or break- the desk at the highest position is a bit too low (with the chair at the lowest- the angle of the desk cannot be adjusted (I wish it could be). When in the closest position, it is too slant.- the seat, despite cushioning, is hard to sit on. The company does not offer a seat cushion cover or replacement that I can use. This will be a hard one to fix.- the assembly instructions were OK- took me a couple of hours (as opposed to some reviews indicating 15 minutes) and I am pretty good at assembling stuff.The UGLY:- the packaging was a nightmare: . the box was smashed and crushed at first glance . the box was closed with two tapes on two sides and a poly stripe around the width of the box. It was not sealed all around, so things could easily fall out of it (and had been) . the pieces were individually semi-wrapped and thrown in the box and moving around. . the nuts and bolts were free and open inside. I had to fish them out of the plastic covers and around the crevices of the smashed box. . as suspected, a few of the screws and nuts were missing.- the delivery took 1 week. It was handed to UPS ground (3-5 day delivery) 48 hours after I placed the order. So much for the 2 day delivery promised by homebikes. After spending 1.5 hours on the phone with UPS and homebikes, they gave me 15% credit for the inconvenience, though.Given the delivery nightmare, I decided to buy the missing screws from Home Depot, but they did not have the arc washer. So I will try to find those in a local bike repair shops. That being said, fortunately I could spare a non-weight bearing, non-moving area to screw without the piece.Hope this helps.

  30. Laura Mason

    Going to change my life!

  31. julie claar

    I love that this bike is very light and easy to move around. It is a great value for the price.

  32. bg

    This was exactly as described. I work at a desk all day log often for 12 hours a day. I keep this behind my office chair and swap it with the chair a couple times a day. Great item for the price.

  33. Di.

    I have a small apartment and don’t have any storage space. So it’s great that it does the job and I don’t have to move it from where I put it. It fits

  34. hadassah

    Very simple design and you have to fiddle with to get it to peddle evenly, but it’s not a bad product. It works well if you want to exercise but need to rest your feet

  35. Jah

    No complaints. Took about 90 minutes to assemble. Assembly was pretty easy. A great buy at an excellent price. Thanks for making such a great product.

  36. ekd

    I love this bike! Bought for my 89 year old mom, and it is easy to get on and easy to get off of it, and very stable. She rides a few miles every day now and always has a book or magazine on the desk part. Excellent product!

  37. Sarah H.

    Love this thing! I wanted a way to exercise in my office, but needed something low-impact and quiet. It was a bit of a pain to assemble, but totally worth it given the low price. All of my coworkers are jealous. 🙂 I ended up getting a wireless keyboard with touchpad, which I keep on the desk part of the bike, and continuing to use my regular desktop computer. Nice way to get some cardio in during the workday.

  38. Jen

    Very happy with this purchase!Set this up myself, took me probably about an hour or maybe less. Size is great for me, and it is very comfortable. I have it all the way down to the bottom, I am 5’4″. So if you are shorter you may have a hard time reaching the peddles. I like being able to set up my iPad and bike in the morning while playing mobile games or watching Netflix. Encourages me to exercise if I’m also entertained.It takes up very little space in my back office. It can be folded up but really I don’t need to because it’s small enough. I wish I’d had this when I was a student in grad school, would’ve been great to use while studying. At the time I had a spinning bike and I set up my textbooks on the handles. But this would’ve been a much better setup for studying or computer work.

  39. JS

    I purchased this and it broke within a week. I called Stamina and they sent a free replacement, which arrived quickly. I have had no issues with the replacement, and I absolutely love the excellent customer service that Stamina offers.

  40. Randomperson

    So far I love it! I finally put it together yesterday and it was super easy to assemble. I was a little concerned by one reviewer’s comment that the resistance wasn’t enough to give you a workout, but I’m sweating pretty hard right now and the resistance is adjustable. I’m using it now as I type 🙂

  41. Evelyn Howard

    Small footprint is awesome. Work table with iPhone or iPad back rest is great! Calorie count is fun. Seat and resistance is great

  42. Anne

    Easy to assemble. Easy to move. Use it every day. Comfortable to ride. Noiseless. Sturdy. Great value for the price.

  43. Richard Vale

    The only complaints that I have it that the base isn’t too big so it can be wobblie. also, I could not get the petals to screw in straight. so the pedal are not perfect. Other then that, its a good product for the price.

  44. Maria R. Cazares

    Can jump on it for a quiet “ride.” Plus useful tool to help us manage type 2 diabetes. My husband and I use it for up to 20 minutes at a time. It works well and the desk allows us to work on the laptop while exercising. Also, it is compact enough to have it in our living room. The only part I dislike is that the weight on the desk has a limit of 30 lbs., not enough for us to lean on it to engage the upper body. The seat took a bit to get used to. It felt uncomfortable first, but OK now, maybe because we are on it for short periods of time. Overall a good tool for the price.

  45. RobsonFire

    This is a great way to add to your fitness routine. Nice bike workout at your own pace, from easy ride, to hard workout, and the table takes away the boredom. Lay your laptop or tablet down and watch or play as you exercise. The minutes roll by and the body is better for it. Compact and folds in for easy storage against a wall or in a closet.

  46. Moving My Spirit

    I am so happy with my purchase! It was easy to put together, functions exactly as it was described, and is so quiet it’s almost noiseless. Between school and owning an online business I spend a lot of the time on the computer, so having this really does encourage me to exercise more and sit less. Considering how multi functional it is, it is a great value for the price.

  47. doxie lover

    Easy to move around, perfect for exercising while we are working on the computer or watching tv. Worth the price. Foot stirrups don’t stay on well & the thump thump noise comes & goes while riding it.

  48. Lori Lynch

    Who loves exercise equipment really? But this is the one to use while you watch tv, like you always say you’ll do. Big seat and really quiet so you don’t have to blare the sound to do both.

  49. Homebikes Customer

    Awesome, great quality, exactly what I was looking for. My 16 year old son easily put this together and it is very sturdy. It is compact, quiet, and fun! We are a family of 6 and all of us (besides our 2 year old) have enjoyed using this. It is so nice to have something to prop the computer, phone, Bible, or book on so we can read while also riding the bike. I highly recommend this product.

  50. Kindle Customer

    Amazing. Easy to put together. Smooth ride. Very good investment. Great price. Everyone should have one.

  51. Susan S. de Vilmorin

    All the “experts” tell us that sitting is terrible for you, but after a long day (sitting) at work, you put in some exercise time, make dinner, and then what? Watch TV standing? The Stamina Wirk Ride Cycle is great for “staying active” while watching TV and surfing the web. Took a while to put together, but it wasn’t hard…just have to follow the instructions. And it is absolutely silent, which is great. Had one small issue – a gouge in the seat back which probably was caused by another component during shipping. I sent a photo to Stamina’s custom service email, they got right back to me, and the new seat back arrived two days later. They were terrific!

  52. Artsygrl126

    I’m really happy with this bike…It was fairly easy to put together, although the name and numbering of the hardware listed in the instructions didn’t match the naming on the hardware on the packaging, which just means I had to guess which bolts, washers and nuts I was supposed to use on each part, but it was totally doable, just a minor inconvenience…the only other ‘downside’ I could say is the bike seat is a bit hard…also not a huge deal….All in all, I think this was a great purchase! Highly recommend 🙂

  53. tazg

    A gift for my son but logistics prevented it so I had to have it with me. Everything about it feels sturdy for my 100+ weight but also my 160 lb 23 year old son. Its really just as cycling equipment but the addition of the table in the front which can accommodate a 15 inch laptop with a wrap around band for insurance to hold it down, to a folding book or tablet stand that you can adjust , to a slot to hold my slim Samsung Note edge what’s not to love about this? The manufacturer in my opinion thought of everything to keep you on the machine to your heart’s content.It would be a nice option in offices for those who can jump out of their seats to move their legs from time to time.

  54. Andrea

    This was easy for my daughter and I to put together. It didn’t take more than about 45 minutes, which isn’t bad considering I”m one of those that has to read the directions and do it step by step. As for riding, I love the fact that it tells you distance, calories burned, time, etc. It’s a great work out, and the fact that I can distract myself while riding is a huge bonus. My one negative is the cup holder. It’s not really deep enough to do any good, especially if you’re drinking a water bottle, so I’d give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

  55. adminmoe

    I had ankle surgery requiring a plate and 6 screws. Working and being a mom, I had some time for physical therapy – but not as much as recommended. This bike saved my range of motion! Because it can go as low as literally no resistance – I could use it 5 weeks post-op…because it allowed me to sit back and work on my laptop, I was able to fit it in to my schedule…and because it helped rebuild my calf strength, I was able to walk without a cane 3 weeks earlier than originally anticipated. Thanks for an affordable and easy solution to what seemed a overwhelming problem. I still use it daily, and it helps with the swelling and edema that I experience from the injury as well. I think if I ever work in an office again, I want one of these with me. Great, quiet, functional and small. Thanks so much!

  56. donnausa

    I am always putting off exercise because I have so much work to do (I teach online). My computer fits perfectly on it—I lose track of time and before I know it, I have over an hour’s worth of work done and I have been exercising the whole time. I feel better every day. I actually work up a sweat. The bike works perfectly!

  57. macrandomness

    Okay! If your scrolling trying to find a desk/bike just get this one. I initially bought this for my teenager so she is doing something active during this quarantine time because I’m an essential worker. This thing…is great. I researched it for a few days and finally bought it and it’s worth it. Likes it’s easy to assemble; I know others wrote about how difficult it is but it’s super easy (I am not a tool person and did it), you can adjust levels/seating height/desk level, and it has a cup holder! Flaw…the seat will get a little uncomfortable but just get one of those seat pad things.

  58. EMILY Z.

    I started feeling soreness in my hips about a year ago. For most of my career, I had jobs where I either stood or walked for most of the day, but now I sit down most of the time, and am having to find ways to work my hips to where the soreness isn’t as bad or is gone after sitting a while. I bought this a few weeks ago, and it was super easy to assemble. There were straightforward directions, and even the tools kit had clearly labeled tools named as per the directions booklet. This was a well thought-out assembly collection, and the pieces are well made! I found it not to difficult to move, and loved the adjustable angle tablet attachment on the platform! They even give you a Wirk rubber coaster, which is a nice touch! I still need to put batteries in the reader, but I just love sitting on it and riding while I watch tv. The resistance is easy to adjust, and here are just so many adjustable components that make this comfortable. I bought the bike on sale here for about $110, so I wasn’t sure of the quality that this fold-up would have, but I’m pleasantly surprised! I want to follow this company and see what else they sell! Great experience!

  59. Kristi Elizabeth

    Yes!!! This bike is awesome! I’m writing this review while riding it actually. Extremely quiet. Comfortable seat. Easy to assemble. Easy to adjust. I love that it can become a standing desk as well. Very lightweight so it would be easy to store in a closet or corner when not being used. I read a lot and work from home several hours of the day. This bike helps me to stay moving even when I need to be seated.

  60. Jeff Mills

    Got it in the mail – put it together by myself while watching a movie and took about 1 hour. Could be less if I was single focused. Instructions manual shows you step by step how to put it together and it includes all the bolts, screws and tools to build it inside. Once I got it made, tried it out and it was great. It was comfortable (I’m about 300 lbs. and tall) and I could pedal and not hit the table, had plenty of clearance. My only kurfuffle is the seat and seat back have a strong smell to them. After trying it out, the smell transfers to my clothes and carries with me… so, not sure why it smells so bad like a chemical, but it does. I hope it stops emitting a chemical smell soon.

  61. Victoria R. Woodland

    This thing is good looking, sturdy, comfortable, quiet and stable. The tray is adjustable and the side handles are a handy place to stash arms while cycling. I haven’t set up the tracking meter yet so no comment about that. I had looked at a Sharper Image product and in the end decided this was the better bike with more attractive price as well. So happy I did this. Don’t hesitate, you will love it !

  62. Bleu5591

    I work as a teacher all day, and then I typically come home and work another 4-5 hours on the computer (either for school or for my second job). This has been sooo helpful. Instead of sitting on the couch or in my office working, I prop my laptop on the standing desk part and just pedal and work. It doesn’t take up much space, isn’t too difficult to move around, and is quite when you pedal. I’m very happy with the purchase.

  63. ncsnobunny

    This item is sturdier than I imaged it being. Good value.

  64. J. I. Bowman

    Possibly great, but the jury is not quite out. I’ve owned the bike a month and except for one issue, which I will cover later, it’s perfect. I love working with the bike, my laptop works with it, I can also read a kindle on it easily, and I can just watch TV with it. It’s really a great way to get exercise if you’re stuck at a desk much of the day.The one issue is a knocking noise. This noise seems to come and go randomly. It’s definitely inside the enclosed chain mechanism which is inaccessible. Most of the time the bike is virtually silent, but then sometimes there’s this noise. I called customer service and they said they’d send me a new bike, which is great, but then the noise went away. And then it came back and now it keeps coming and going. I can’t make up my mind if it is concerning enough. I was told I have to decide in the first 90 days if I want them to send a new bike. i’ll update my review.Update August 2016I should have updated before. Customer service sent me a new bike which works great. I use it extensively all the time. I’m very pleased and I’m changing my rating to 5.

  65. Alyson

    Simple to put together and love that it has the built in desk. Make sure to either have a closed drink or that it is only half full. When you tilt the desk toward you the drink tilts too.

  66. Ray Reyhill

    I was so excited to receive the Wirk bike. While unboxing, I noticed a large crack in the plastic of the main frame on the foot adjustment. I decided to continue assembling the bike. The only issue post-assembly is I cannot move the foot adjustment lower than level 3. Since i can’t move the desk past that level it’s a little difficult to get on and off the bike and i cannot stand and work on a flat desk. Otherwise the actual bike function is perfect and comfortable!

  67. K. Kurzhals

    I had a person give me a donation to buy three of these bikes for our special education rooms at the high school where I work. They’re awesome from the high school boys were able to put these together for us. The special ed classes love being able to be on these. I highly recommend

  68. Daniel D.

    It’s was fairly easy to assemble and doesn’t take up much space. It pedals quietly and seems to be a pretty good value for the money. It doesn’t adjust quite low enough for shorter riders (I’m 5’2″) so I have to sit forward in the seat to pedal comfortably. Overall I like it. Have only had it about a month so time will tell how well it holds up.

  69. Jennifer Bennett

    For how much it costs and its features, it’s a bargain. However, I actually wish there were less tension settings in regards to how hard it is to petal. The number of settings different my husband and I are is about 50. Seriously. It makes it inconvenient when he and I use the bike. I personally find the seat uncomfortable. I wish I could adjust the angle of the back of the seat so that I had better support without feeling slumped down. However, the foot pedal that brings the desk part closer or further away is awesome! It’s soooo convenient! Also, if you stop pedalling for a few seconds, you don’t lose all the data in the monitor like you do on some bikes. It is compact and will fit just about anywhere…a definite plus.

  70. Jen

    Love love love this!!! I do 10 miles a day without even thinking about it. Best purchase ever!!!!!!

  71. Leslie Allen

    works as described and allows for multitasking.

  72. Eliana

    Get a good book and time flies! Also like the adjustment as I am 5′ 3″.

  73. Homebikes Customer

    I love it cuz kept exercise at home as save money

  74. John C. Arner

    I love this bike, very comfortable, shipped fast.

  75. Anne

    Nice, easy and steady. I like the convenience and the multi-modes to help track the activity.

  76. Cyn


  77. Jennifer

    Great product

  78. Ryckie M. Watkins

    Only used it a day, so far so good. We really liked how easy the instructions made it to put it together.

  79. Auntie Marti

    Like this very much but was missing two bolt nuts to attache the hand bar under the seat. I am using it without until I can find nuts.

  80. Cally

    Still happy with this purchase, if you live in an apartment I would put this on a carpet . It’s pretty quiet but it isn’t silent (hence the carpet) over all it’s incredibly convenient, pretty compact, a bit on the heavy side. Worth it for the money though.

  81. njny

    the only issue i had is the tension adjust knob seems not do much, though i am satisfied with the default setting

  82. Valerie

    Compact footprint, sturdy, comfortable. Only small criticism is that the area for my laptop is not wide enough to accommodate much mouse movement. I am going to see if I can find an attachable mouse tray. Otherwise, sure beats petrifying at a desk all day. I feel much better after work after using this.

  83. Tractor Boy

    Use it daily works well, and actually has an overall small footprint

  84. Inspired Homebiker

    Absolutely LOVE this exercise bike. Super quiet, adjustable tension, and very easy to put together. Only thing I would recommend is to get a gel seat cover.

  85. Catherine E. Pearson

    I love my Wirk. I work from home, and I hop on the Wirk when I am in an online meeting, sorting out emails, or doing other tedious computer tasks. I use it from one to two hours per day. It really is very quiet, as advertised. A big selling point for me was the adjustable angle on the desk. Please note that it is the desk bar that moves as an entire unit. You cannot adjust the actual flat part of the desk other than higher or lower. However, for my purposes, this is perfect. I bring the desk as close to my body as possible when riding so that I can mouse and type ergonomically. It is easy and safe for me to get on and off of the machine with the adjustable foot lever. Another selling point was the padded seat and backrest (thank you). The indented cup holder is problematic as it is only 1 1/2 inches deep – large enough for an 8-ounce water bottle but nothing more than that. The silicon coaster, on the other hand, is a nice perk and has become my favorite coaster because it stays put. I am 5’8″ and the Wirk is a comfortable height, easy to move around the room, and fairly straight forward to assemble. A feature I would like to see added is an optional extention to the desk for a mouse pad. Overall, this is a very practical way to get in some light movement while working or watching TV.

  86. Amy

    As a student, this is great for when I’m forced to sit and study for long periods. It’s not easy to move on carpet, but it’s still manageable. It was easy to assemble with the instruction book and it took about an hour.

  87. Homebikes Customer

    I have 2 of these, one at home and one in my office at work – I love them! Great way to get in exercise (and not even realize it) while working on a computer.

  88. R. Batts

    This is and excellent piece of work. Very refined strong and stable. And it is absolutely silent. Very easy to assemble. At first my life was a bit upset over having a piece of exercise equipment in our living room. However it has a very small footprint and I think she’s getting used to it. Due to my health I am only able to exercise moderately and in small increments. This machine allows me to spend 10 or 15 minutes exercising on the bike every hour that I am watching television or working. I was concerned that I was turning into a couch potato because of the incredible fatigue that I experience due to the illness. Now that is not a problem. I also like very much the fact that it is low impact and there do not seem to be any negative After Effects. I don’t usually write reviews but this excellent piece of equipment far exceeded my expectations. Previous to owning this I had ordered a small pedal mechanism that sits on the floor while you sit on the couch. That was a very disappointing piece of equipment. Poorly constructed and poorly functioning. I sent it back. I would advise not wasting your money on those small floor models I don’t care what the reviews say. Just for information I am 6 feet tall weigh 198 pounds and and 76 years old and the machine works perfectly for me.

  89. Delaney Horne

    This product has not only lived up to my lofty expectations, but exceeded them.I spend at least eight hours of my workday on the bike, revolutionizing my metabolism. While I doubt the idle pedaling does much for my health, my ability to switch on an aggressive song and burst into an intense workout for a few minutes at the drop of a hat has made all the difference. Furthermore, the included stretchy things for the arms enables me to turn it into a more complete workout.Assembly was relatively straightforward. I used my own tools a few times out of convenience. Less than an hour.The desk space is more than enough for my MacBook Air, though medium and larger laptops will hang over the side.I sprung for the desk extension, sold separately. It gives me a space to rest my notepad. I ended up ditching the bulky and ugly paper holder attachment to the attachment.I did need to rely a bit on ibuprofen for a few days for my forearms and lower back to adjust to the drastic change. The arm rests work fine, but there’s some adjustment. The seat’s firm. I don’t mind it, your mileage may vary. You may want to spring for a fluffy seat cover.I don’t use the digital meter it comes with. I wish the cycling fit in with the Google Fit ecosystem, but that would probably be prohibitively expensive to add.My one complaint is that the highest setting for the tension control is only comparable to bicycling up a moderate incline. I wish the tension control had more firm settings for when I really want to earn each cycle.

  90. Keenan Edwards

    I am a huge indoor bike lover and replaced an old one with this due to the desk and it folding up. I love the desk. The odometer IS accurate compared to my old one. It has a more comfortable seat that my old one. The pedals are a little more forward and not directly under the seat, and after 250 miles in less than a month I am finding this actually bothers my knees less–so very happy.

  91. Malik Leon

    As a natural multitasker, the bodyse desk is the perfect exercise device for me. Even with a TV and DVD player to keep me entertained while using my elliptical, I generally get bored before reaching my workout goal. With the bodyse desk, I can work on my laptop and watch TV while exercising, which motivates me to workout for a longer timespan. I’m only 5′ tall, but with all of the adjustable features, I’ve found the bodyse desk to be quite comfortable, and I’m sure taller users would find comfortable settings, too. The padded handlebar rollers make typing easy on my arms and wrists. I love the padded back rest for those moments when I need to sit more upright to give my back a break. As a teacher, I like the idea that I’ll even be able to grade papers while working out, because the desk is so spacious and has a non-slip surface. The assembly instructions were reasonably clear, and the finished machine feels sturdy. The only upgrade I would suggest is a sports bottle holder, but that’s not a big deal. I like the straightforward monitor display and features, and the little drawer under the desk is a good place to store the manual and adjustment tools. I’m very, very pleased with this purchase.

  92. Gabriella Howell

    Caveat on this review — just got and assembled the unit, haven’t used it much yet, but so far my wife and I are pleased with it.The build quality was better than I was expecting, with the exception perhaps of all the plastic/rubber of the ‘desk’ part, but even that is plenty acceptable and will hopefully hold up well too. In assembling the unit I liked some of the well thought out little touches, such as having the right bolts already in one of the to-be-assembled parts, so no groping and guessing as to which was the right part. It just seemed pretty well conceived.If I could think of improvements, it might include some way to be able to slide the desk part forwards and back and then fix it in place without having to reach so far forward, or dismount the bike. In general I suspect that, while there are multiple places where the bike can be adjusted, we’ll likely fix on one set of settings that we can both live with other than perhaps seat height.My wife and I don’t have terribly long legs — I’m just under 5’10” and am long in the torso (thus my legs are shorter than average for that height) and my wife is a little shorter. But both of us found that we needed the seat extender. My suggestion to the manufacturer would be to make the stock seat bar longer.As to water bottle, while it does work to put the bottle in the split metal frame, we’ve initially elected to have the desk as close to us as possible while pedaling, which makes getting on and off of the bike a little less easy (no complaints there, just ‘how it is’), but for the same reason we’ve already knocked the water bottle over once.The other thing to bear in mind is that this unit is fairly heavy, approaching 50 pounds (the FixDesk X 2.0). When we bought it I think I had it in the back of my mind that we might try it occasionally both upstairs and downstairs, but it’s clear to me now that we’re leaving it on one floor only.I’m listing minor quibbles. This looks to be a good unit, and we’re happy (again “so far” at least) that we purchased it.

  93. Deandre Obrien

    I’m midway through setup & I just had to stop to write this review because I was astonished!! Yes, assembly is very basic and clear due to the fact that most is already put together for you! However, what shocks me is this…they really do read our reviews!!! In the manual there are lots of notations on getting the pedals EXTRA TIGHT and then retightening them at certain intervals. I believe this is to combat some of the noise issues that were described. Makes sense…these things move! Then I see a BOLD print regarding the seat height!! It refers to part 71 which is an “optional saddle height extender…Recommended for use if taller than 5’9”! This is precisely what the lovely (and petite like me) young lady complained about below!!! She thought the part should be labeled as such to stop us shorties from installing it! How cool!Well I’m onto assemble the rest of my bike so I can tell you all about it…I will update you soon!

  94. Hayden Hubbard

    I bought this when it was a goldbox deal, figuring it was worth a try for roughly 1/4 the price of a treadmill desk. It exceeded my expectations.Pros:(1) the frame is metal and both feels and looks sturdy.(2) the seat is broad and well cushioned (almost memory-foam-like in texture)(3) the cushion for the back is adjustable so the support hits where you want it(4) i was really worried about it being quiet enough that I wouldn’t annoy my coworkers — and it’s virtually silent!Cons:(1) the non-skid desk surface is the only part that doesn’t *look* particularly high-quality — oddly, it sortof resembles a dusty chalkboard. But it is functional and will mostly be covered by my laptop/paperwork anyway.(2) it took awhile to put together, maybe 45 min to an hour. There are a lot of pieces! But it’s not terribly difficult, just time-consuming.(3) as one other reviewer pointed out, if you put a laptop on the desk surface it hides the little time/distance tracker. I personally don’t really care about this, but it’s worth noting.Take note that there is a 250 lb. weight limit.All in all, it’s perfect for what I wanted: a way to be just a bit more active during the workday. Highly recommend. And it has gotten much (positive) attention in my office — I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes a trend here!

  95. Paul Dunlap

    Gives me a surprisingly good workout. As other reviews have said, the seat is a little uncomfortable if you sit on it for extended periods of time, but that is nothing I didn’t expect. I also notice that I am getting use to it, just as I have with my old bikes.Assembly was easier than I thought it would be.I am using this while doing work and playing PC video games, and I find it usable for both situations.TIP: Ikea 31″ extra Billy shelves work perfectly with a full sized keyboard and standard mouse pad.

  96. Sonia Juarez

    I am SO glad I invested in this! I work from home as a freelancer, and I noticed I was starting to gain a little weight from sitting at my desk all the time. I was hesitant to buy it at first, because I wasn’t sure if it was worth the money, but it definitely was. This was the perfect solution to feeling lethargic/being stuck at a desk all day. Now I can work out and get work done at the same time.It feels very steady to sit at, and it doesn’t wobble around too much. It comes with a calorie reader thing, although I’m not sure how accurate it could be. In addition it tracks your time, speed, and distance traveled.The only thing I wish was different was the difficulty settings. All of them are really wimpy in my opinion, even the “hardest” setting of 8 seems very unchallenging. After a few minutes you can definitely feel the burn though, so I guess it’s good that it’s wimpier if you want to work out for longer periods of time and not burn out.

  97. Karina Kennedy

    I had no serious desk/work area for a long time until I took a chance on this, and it’s worked out great for me. Easy enough to put together, and great customer service when a part arrived broken. It can fold up to minimize the floor space it takes up. It peddles quietly and stable enough that there’s almost no shaking on the work area.My only minor gripe is that it’s constructed more for laptops, and so the desk space is a little small for other set-ups. Personally, I have my laptop rigged up to display on my tv and use a wireless keyboard and mouse. It’s a bit of a tight squeeze to keep everything on the desk area, but it still works fine.Also, the desk can be adjusted to be the perfect distance away for using a nintendo switch on a kickstand. It’s fantastic to be able to play Zelda while I get my workout.

  98. Johnny Cooper

    I really love this bike. I’ve had it for a couple months now, and everything is still working well. It has a nice, wide, cushy bike seat on it (if you’re not used to biking, you will probably be in some pain until you get used to it, though! It does go away, I promise!) and the desk is a good size and has a grippy surface so your computer is sliding around. Mine is still pretty quiet. I did have some squeaking issues early on, but I realized I didn’t tighten one of the bolts on the feet when I put it together. Tightening everything up stopped the squeaking.I think the resistance levels are good for what I need from a desk bike. You’re not going to get the type of workout you’d get on a stationary bike at the gym, but this bike is made more for time/distance than power. If you’re using it while you’re working or watching tv, you’ll get the workout in. Plus, anything is better than standing still!A note on assembly: This isn’t hard to put together, but it’s not exactly easy, either. There are some awkward angles for tightening screws/bolts that REALLY need to be tight, and it requires some creativity with the tool that comes with the bike to get at them and get them tight.

  99. Erik Cisneros

    I hate exercise. I’ve never in my life succeeded at exercising regularly (if at all). I once went into a health club, paid them for a membership and never managed to go back, ever. I’m ridiculous.I work at a computer. I’m overweight, over worked. I draw for a living.I ordered the bodyse desk and I’ve use it every day since it arrived. I actually enjoy it (raised eyebrows all around). The rhythm is hypnotic. Here’s the thing – like many people, no matter what plans I make, my work schedule interferes. I can’t justify going out for an hour bike ride when a client is expecting a set of drawings by the morning and it’s 11 o’clock at night. But there are many, many things I do during the day that the bodyse desk can overlap with – reading posts on software forums, reading the paper on line. I read a lot mystery / crime novels. The bodyse desk is perfect for that. I get my Dennis Lehane or Peter Lovesey on my laptop on the bodyse desk and I’m happy (and sweaty).For £300 – it’s a lot of equipment. It went together easily (I think the manual could be a bit better graphically but I draw for a living so I’m probably more critical than most). It rides smoothly. It’s a good looking object which is important to me. Maybe this is the best money I’ve spent in a long while.Got to go – the new Camilleri novel is waiting for me on my bodyse desk so I’m good for an hour or more.

  100. Warren Maynard

    I just completed assembly and rode for 10 minutes. During the assembly everything exceeded expectations. I have assembled a lot of bikes. Parts, instructions and labeling were all right on. Reminded me of the early Schwinns. Thoughtful design and careful and thoughtful engineering. Tension adjustment on the wheel was in my range and easy to use. Only complaint is a broken plexiglass cover over the belts. I have sent a report to mfg and will comment on their response in a later review.SkipMay 1. Contacted bodyse desk about broken plexiglass cover. They Promptly sent a replacement. 15 hours of riding and all is well. My lung capacity has increased significantly.Skip

  101. Julie Tanner

    This is a good exercise bike if you want a consistent pedal resistance while working/watching tv. Difficulty is static. If you are an experienced cyclist, the resistance may end up being light, even on the highest setting. However, for the design, size, and function, it is great to put a laptop/tablet on and watch TV.As some have noted, there is an issue with older versions of the bike where there is a creaking/clicking coming from the wheel mechanism. After about 3 weeks, the first version I was shipped had this issue. I emailed the customer support, and was shipped a replacement. Note, the replacement is actually the entire frame, minus the desktop, pedals, and seat. After using the first replacement for another week, it too had the same issue. Further emails indicated that the issue was due to manufacturing, and a new version of the front end was in the works. After about another week, I received an email that the revised front end had been shipped. I’ve been using that front end since, with no squeaks, creaks, or clicks. So BRAVO to the customer service folks, they did come through for me.

  102. Mila Ponce

    Delivery was ahead of schedule. Box was intact with contents well-packed. Assembly instructions are a little goosey, but it only took 45 minutes from cutting open the box to adjusting the seat for my height. When I couldn’t get the pieces to fit according to the instructions, I just looked at them and figured it out. Everything fits only one way, so there were no false starts. I used the included tools, except for attaching the seat. My own pliers worked much better on those bolts.I’m 5’2″ with short legs and the lowest seat setting is just fine. I did buy a gel seat cover at WalMart and now can bike for 30 minutes without pain. The desk is great for computer work, phone texting, or reading. No squeaks or loose bolts after 150 miles. Very stable on a carpeted floor. It would be a bit heavy for me to fold up and move every day, but I did move it up and down a flight of stairs without any trouble.

  103. Carlee Knight

    Very easy to assemble and it feels sturdy..wasn’t so sure it would for the price…..All was great then it started to make a clunking sound when my wife was peddling it..feels as if there is a slight slippage in the internal mechanism as well…..I emailed the company today (Nov 10 2014 at 1230) and we shall see what kind of customer service they have..I will be sure to update this review when they get back to me and see what the solution will be.Read some reviews on here and the bodyse desk rep said to make sure the pedals were on tight…I went and made sure of that…still the clunking sound….pretty sure its because the internal spinwheel mechanism is slipping a bit.WOW, less than 2 hours after I had sent an email detailing my problem..Steve from the company emailed me and aplogized and said they would immediately send out the required frame assembly out ASAP. They would double check it, to make sure this does not happen again!! Extremely pleased with the response and their action. Top Notch!Steve emailed back again and explained the problem and stated the required part will be shipped out this week!! Very pleased with customer service….UPDATE Dec 11 2014…..The replacement part arrived very fast…..very easy to swap out the frames……and best of all, works great! Wife is pleased! 1 thing I noticed..on the old frame it stated trhe max weight was 300lbs….on the new 1 it states 250lbs! Not sure why?

  104. Ariana Mitchell

    Thus far, I am very happy with the bodyse desk, which I have been using for about one month. Basic assessment (details to follow): extremely sturdy; assembly takes patience (and a couple hours) but is totally doable; basically comfortable; and a game-changer in terms of increasing activity in a fairly sedentary student life (I’m a graduate student and spend most of my life at my desk).I have some knee and back issues, so I am trying to take it slow and ease into a routine–in other words, I haven’t used it a ton. But I have used it for 10-30 minutes many days and love it so far, and am optimistic that it will be life-enhancing overall. It’s nice to use it while checking email and to hop on even for short periods. I don’t often use it while reading materials that require (1) intense concentration, and (2) simultaneous reference to book and use of computer (the desk surface accommodates computer OR book). In other words, it is not a replacement for my full desk set-up—but it is extremely versatile, and so nice to interject activity here and there without leaving my house and while continuing to be productive.As for posture and comfort: Posture was a major concern, given my back issues, and I am very happy with how upright I am while pedaling–even when leaning a bit against the seat back. In other words, I am neither slouching nor straining to stay upright. Seat is firm and fine. Probably I would have more issues adjusting if I suddenly were biking 2+ hours a day, but I think that it’s a pretty standard seat (and more comfy than my actual bike’s seat).The two notes I made of other people’s reviews: (1) the only really flimsy part is the drawer, and mine (like many other’s drawers) arrived with a broken piece; I called up bodyse desk and they immediately offered to mail me a replacement. (2) Assembly can take a little patience, but I had no major problems; definitely I recommend using your own wrenches, etc. At one point, I was confused and called bodyse desk; they were super nice and helpful.One thing to note (probably obvious from the pics/description) is that the bodyse desk is simple. In other words, while I find it sturdy in all the important ways, there are not too many ways to customize the fit–especially compared to a normal exercise bike. So for example, I have sensitive knees and have been having some knee pain with the cycling…I’m sure that’s not because of some inherent problem with the bike–but whereas with upscale/highly customizable stationary bikes, where there would be lots of ways in which I could experiment for a better fit, there are few ways to adjust the bodyse desk. Again, not inherently a problem, but something to bear in mind for people with sensitive bodies/joints/knees/etc.Overall, very happy with the desk! Brilliant invention.

  105. Marlon Brandt

    Love this ! This is the second bodyse desk 2.0 we purchased. Now my husband and I can both “ride” at the same time. They are quiet enough when peddling at a slow to moderate speed we can both enjoy TV programs while peddling. My Fire HD 10 sits well and does not slide in the desk. Husband’s 17″ lap top fits when strapped down. Having 2 means I do not have to lower the seat so we can watch tv, do crosswords or talk with ease.

  106. Violet Richards

    This is my second bodyse desk….after 2 1/2 years my first one is still going strong, but with my physical issues I really liked the idea of having a backrest for occasional resting. Since my original one never locked into its folded state (cables in the support just wouldn’t allow the locking pin to pass through….customer service suggested things to do but I finally just gave up because folding/locking it wasn’t as important at the time) and I now would benefit from being able to fold/lock it, I decided to purchase a new bike with the upgraded features instead of just the accessory upgrade for my old one. Little did I know that the massage bar would prove to be just as important for me as the backrest…if not more so.Anyway…it got put together yesterday and I took it for a short spin. I absolutely love it. I don’t use it with high resistance…it’s mainly for me to not be a slug when I have the TV on…additional exercise, not my main source. The desk holds the remotes in place so I don’t have to be near a table….it’s definitely sturdy enough to hold a laptop if that’s what you plan to use it for, and has no discernable shaking when in use.I’d definitely recommend this. And if you would need customer service for any reason, the man who designed these bikes knows what great customer service is all about. You won’t be disappointed.Mine shipped out immediately and was here in a couple of days. I don’t think it was too tough to assemble (didn’t hear any grumbling from my husband while he was involved with it) and it didn’t take very long. The instructions are clear.

  107. Deacon Powers

    It arrived on time. All the parts were there. We put it together rather quickly. It is well made. This is a wonderful addition to my exercise routine. While watching TV or reading a book instead of sitting in a chair I am pedaling on the bodyse desk 2.0. You can adjust the resistance to a more difficult cycle. I am sitting most of the day and am tired when I get home but at least during the work week when I cannot go outside i can pedal on the bodyse desk. For the price you get a quality product. When it arrived the desk tray had a broken piece and when i sent a picture of it to bodyse desk they sent out a replacement desk tray immediately. I received it one day later. Great product and excellent customer service. I pedaled 8,000 steps on the first day.

  108. Kira Rojas

    OK, I’ll make this a quick one. I read every single review and question asked while I waited for this thing to get here, so I wont repeat what others have said, I’ll just speak to what i wanted to know that i didn’t find while waiting.Can you work up sweat on this thing? umm HELL yes! it goes from a low setting to 8. on 8 I could do 8 for about 20 seconds. Its definitely something I’m looking forward to building my fitness level up to. I keep it on 4 or 5 and if I dont turn the fan on me, i start to sweat pretty quick. And I’m used to using a recumbent bike at the gym so im not slouch in the leg department. So you can get a really good workout on this thing, I dont know why you would want to sweat while doing work or homework, but its definitely possible. And you could always push the tray forward an do a little interval if you want.Um, the build is excellent. Feels and performs premium. A breeze to put together. I was worried about that because I am a total idiot when i comes to following those instructions, but they were very well laid out. took me about an hour. And I had no pieces left over! GO ME!super light and compact. I have a 3 level condo, put it together in the basement. didn’t like it down there, folded it up. And took it up abou 14 stairs with no problem. Used it in the living room for a couple days, I didn’t like it there either, took it up another 12 stairs to my bed room. I’m sitting it now, typing his review, sweating a little.I have a 15 inch laptop and a mouse that I use (cause you cant get any real work done without a mouse in 2015 merica) ha. fits just fineYou will love it, just get it..Few things I would improve. Seat is big, but will cause discomfort until you build up a resistance, I’m using a gelled seat cover and well as underwear with jelly pads in them I found on homebikes. Allows me to go much longer, 3-4 hours more than before.I needs a cup holder, or bottle holder, no biggie. a fan would be great alsoAnything other than that would be nitpicking, and since I’m not my girlfriend, this will end my review :)just buy, you wont regret it.

  109. Kassidy Mora

    Wonderful! I previously had my road bike set up in the living room in a trainer and an Ikea shelf hacked so that it fit around the front of the bike. It was an early iteration of what the bodyse desk perfected. I am so glad this exists, it takes up much less space than my bike, trainer and the shelving unit I used to rest my laptop or books on. I cannot stand to sit for long periods, so this is perfect for me as sitting is a condition of the modern lifestyle, at work and home. It is semi-recumbant, so more relaxed than a regular bicycle and I can tell I use different muscles with it. The company owner is very responsive with any concerns. A piece broke out of the plastic drawer on shipping and he very kindly sent us another. My only thought or hesitation with this bike is that I am almost 5’2″ and it is just about right, if I was any shorter, it would be a strain to reach the pedals. However, we are pleased my partner is 6’2″ and can extend the seat out to the farthest setting and use it. We are able to avoid having to add the included seat extender which would not work for me.

  110. Gretchen Li

    I like it. I, like others before me, am writing this review while on it. I’ve been riding for 45 minutes as I start this review, I’ve burned 414 calories and my heart rate is 101 (I’m cooling down).I have a 15″ non-retina Mac Book Pro. Typing is good. I sort of wish the desk pulled back closer to me, but as I mentioned, I’m getting used to it. The position does not impact my typing and I can use the track pad.I happen to be pedaling backwards. I alternate between forwards and backwards. I also adjust the resistance and I notice a difference. I’m actually using this to exercise while I work rather than increase my calorie count throughout the day (like a standing desk with a slow moving treadmill).I am using a bluetooth polar heart rate monitor with my iPhone to monitor my heart rate and such. I already had this and use it for other exercise.I think this is the 5th time I’ve used it in the 6 days I’ve owned it and I’m generally using it 45 – 60 minutes each time.Putting it together was a little work but not too much of a hassle. The tool that comes with it is OK, but if you have a socket set and some 13 and 14mm wrenches, use them. I’ve carried it up and down stairs. The desk seems loose when not in use but it is fine when in use. As mentioned in another review, the screen does not shake (much). It does, but my body is also moving, so it’s congruent and not a problem for me.Getting into and out of it is a touch of a hassle as it requires a high step, but I’ve generally been wearing jeans when doing so. If I were in exercise clothes, it’d be a high step up only.I wanted to use this when I’m gaming. It’s perfect for no mouse with my computer. If I want to use a mouse, I put my laptop off center to the left and a rigid mouse pad hanging over the edge to the right. It works well enough. I’ve played for an hour in this position. I notice that when I’m gaming I tend to ride a bit harder, so the 3 times I’ve done that, there’s sweat coming down off of my skull and neck.I’d like to have one of these at work. Problem is, as a software developer I often pair-program, which would make using this maybe a touch difficult. I’ve figured out ways to do it but as I do not have one at work, it’s a thought experiment.Here’s what I’m noticing. I’ve been busy/distracted all day. I want to do something each day, so I jump on the bike with my computer and I’m doing something every day. I don’t want this to be my only thing, but it is a great way to do something every day.I’d say it’s 4.5 stars. Here’s what I’d like to have…- Better way to use a mouse with my laptop- Move desk closer so I could sit back a bitIf I’m really being picky- A program that varies the resistance automaticallyI’m going with a 5 stars because, I have no regret getting it, I travel for work and I’d like to have it with me, it’s quiet, effective, it’s quick to just jump on and it’s an overall excellent way to easily get some physical activity every day. Also, I do not like stationary bikes at the gym, but I like this.

  111. Abbey Brandt

    I’ve been a serious cyclist for more than 40 years, including a stint as a mediocre racer, so when I heard about the bodyse desk I was skeptical. But I live in Boston and the winter here in 2015 has been the worst ever, so I read the glowing reviews on homebikes and decided to give it a try. I have to say that the reviews are right. The bodyse desk is really solid, well made, compact, and best of all, quiet (I know some reviewers have had problems with a ticking sound — not here). I have a much more serious indoor bike that is set up for my outdoor riding position (and serious training) and it drives me crazy because it is so noisy. The bodyse desk doesn’t make a sound.I don’t use the bodyse desk to get in shape; no serious cyclist should consider the bodyse desk a substitute for a real ride or a serious indoor trainer. Rather, the bodyse desk is a way to relax and burn some calories while you work at your computer. I keep it at a low setting so that I don’t work up a sweat or start moving around too much or find myself gasping for air during conference calls. But it does mean that I can turn the space heater off, which will wind up paying for the bodyse desk someday, and I’m much more relaxed doing my work. Don’t get me wrong, you can turn up the resistance and really knock yourself out, but I think the point is to use all those hours where you’d otherwise just be sitting there on your butt to burn a few calories and get rid of some work angst without dripping sweat all over your computer. You can still go take a ride or a run for real exercise as you normally do, but you can also skip a day knowing that you’ve done something good for your body and your head. Didn’t have that before; now I do. After riding this thing “through” some of the worst snowstorms and cold Boston has ever seen seen, I wholeheartedly recommend the bodyse desk.The service is also excellent. I ordered a seat extension because I’m nearly 6′ 5″ so the highest seat setting is right on the edge for me. They sent me the wrong one (for an earlier model) so I called and Steve apologized profusely and promised to send a new one out the next day — no need to return the old one or get a return authorization or any of that crap.All in all, one of the best purchases and customer experiences I’ve ever had.

  112. Kristen Cohen

    I was surprised when I received product. The delivery person asked and received details. I think he was more then a little interested. bodyse desk arrived in more parts then I expected. My first reaction was Oh, NO….! I removed directions from box. Then arranged items where I planned the assembly to take place. I would suggest arranging items with a light colored back ground. The black components can get lost in plan sight! The directions show components so they are easy to identify and place for assembly. Parts fit together well. The two tools are easy to use. I will say for those who are not good at assembling things; this product is very easy. I only had problems because of awkwardness in a few bolt locations. Not difficult, just awkward. It took me time to adjust positioning or tool for best use. I didn’t expect there to be a LCD readout to monitor speed, etc. I didn’t expect there to be a pedal tension feature. The bike seat is more comfortable then a regular bike seat. These were surprises. Also I expected there to be some problem with using laptop on it. There was minimal adjustment on my part. I am anxious to see if I will use this regularly, But that isn’t a problem of the bodyse desk. I forgot to add that bodyse desk is nearly silent in use.

  113. Elliana Skinner

    This is a great “desk”: while peddling and getting exercise I read my email, compose letter, send text messages, and read books relevant to my job. I am 6’3″ yet the seat adjusts to just the right height. Moreover the bike is much sturdier than I anticipated and could easily last the rest of my life. I also like the odometer, which keep track of your speed, miles traveled, calories burned and so on. I highly recommend the bodyse desk.

  114. Alberto Bailey

    This bike just arrived today so I haven’t used it much yet. But the assembly was so easy. I was a little worried when I opened the box and saw how many parts there were, but it wasn’t bad at all. The instructions were easy to understand. And all the nuts and bolts were pre-assembled so you don’t have to try to figure out which bolts to use where – what a great idea! The bike is super quiet so I can even use it while I’m on a call. The desk size is nice; it’d be nice to have a water bottle holder, though. It folds up and wheels around very easily so I can use it in any room. I love it!

  115. Sofia Mendez

    I was looking for a way to increase my daily exercise and to combat my sedentary lifestyle due to my desk job. I’ve used both a standing and a treadmill desk, but neither is solution that I could really use all day long. With a standing desk my legs and back hurt after a full day, and with a treadmill desk I could not fully focus on complex tasks for some reason.I added the bodyse desk to my bag of tricks and instantly I love it. Easy to setup, and easy to use! I assembled the bodyse desk in about an hour after opening the box. I grabbed my laptop and gave it a go. I did not realize how much distance I had covered until I stopped working to grab some water. I had a distance of 18 miles and a total time of 71 minutes! I had a slight sweat and felt great! This was not the most intense workout by far, but that isn’t what I was aiming for. Instead I got exactly what I was hoping for – the ability to exercise while working without being distracted.I will update this review 6 months from now on with more details, but so far I am incredibly satisfied with the bodyse desk!Update: It is slightly over 6 months, and I am still highly satisfied with this product. I wish that I worked out of my home office more often so I could use it even more. I am thinking of buying a second one for my office.

  116. Oliver Schultz

    Quite surprised. My wife bought this for the “Deal of the Day” after New Years. I sit at my computer desk 12-14 hours a day and work. Now, I spend about 2 hours of that on the bodyse desk.INSTALLATION: Comes in a surprisingly light box. Open it up, all the parts are there, neatly wrapped. A big bonus is that 90% of the screws/wasters/bolts are already on the parts which saved a LOT of time putting it together. First time I’ve seen any manufacturer do that.USABILITY: It works, works well, and is simple to use. Just get on it and pedal. The laptop never moves, it doesnt shake or vibrate, and I’m 6’0″ and 247 Lbs. (Hopefully lighter a year from now! :)).COMPLAINTS: The monitor it comes with to tell you the miles per hour and calories and things like that is cheap. It works, yes. It just seems like it’s designed by an exercise company from 20 years ago, not something that you would consider modern by any means. It does serve its purpose, granted, but much room to improve on that. No reason they cant build a LCD display into the desk to show the output while you work, without being blocked by the laptop screen.But really, that’s the only complaint. I’ve read from others that the seat is too hard. Yes, it is. But that’s because my fat ass isnt used to riding a bike for so long. I’ve adjusted already and gotten used to it.Overall, 5 stars, for the first exercise product my wife has bought me that I’ll actually USE. The elliptical she bought me last year sits in a spare room unused still. Not this, it’s right next to my desk.

  117. Camilla Wells

    I have only had the bodyse desk for a little over a week, but I feel like it has already paid for itself. I normally don’t last on exercise bikes past 20 10-20 minutes – I just get bored and every minute feels like ten. The bodyse desk has been the perfect solution for me. I’ve done 90 minutes every night on the bike- and I could do longer.Having the opportunity to sit on my computer (as I typically would be without the bodyse desk) but get some exercise at the same time is fantastic. I’m certainly not getting an amazing workout in, but I’m working up a sweat at a time when I would most likely just be sitting down. The desk does a great job of keeping my computer steady, and the massage bar is comfortable. The seat is quite comfortable (definitely more so than the regular exercise bike I have) and allows me to have pretty decent posture while using the bodyse desk.I would take away a half of a star for the set-up, but didn’t feel it was worth losing an entire star. It is a bit confusing at first to find the pieces you’re supposed to be putting together, as they aren’t always illustrated properly- but you can get it pretty quickly. Mine also came with a broken drawer and one other small broken piece, but it really didn’t bother me. If the bodyse desk holds up as well as it is initially working, it will be a very worthwhile purchase.

  118. Junior Davila

    I was hesitant to buy any stationary bike because I never saw a bike that didn’t talk about it becoming squeaky. My son informed me that it is probably a maintenance issue and the directions state that as well. I have NOT had any squeak issues. I regularly check the tightness of the bolts and no problems what so ever. I am increasing my tension as I progress on getting back to shape. I am comfortable in the seat. I get bored doing this stuff so I ride my stationary bike during meetings that I don’t have to do a lot of talking in. No more boredom and I have been keeping this up for 3 mths.

  119. Jamar Cochran

    I’m stoked I was able to buy this bike during the Black Friday weekend “flash deal.” I’m 5’1″ and was stoked yet somewhat skeptical about this product, having questions such as “Will this bike work well with my height?”, “Is it well-made?” and “Is it as good as it appears to be?” The answer to those questions is YES! I use the bike at the seat’s lowest level and can reach the pedals easily. I love the back support and the fact that I can use my Macbook laptop easily while burning some calories.I’m a gal that put this together by myself with the provided tools for the most part; for maybe 2 or 3 screws I used a power tool to assist. I put it together while watching 2.5 1-hr TV shows and having 2 large dogs nosing around (i.e., it took me about 2.5 to nearly 3 hrs to put it together)…others will have assembled this quicker with less distractions. This is the only desk in my home; the kitchen table doesn’t count! In the included drawer I store pens and the tools that came with it. The arm resistance bands are pretty decent too – this unit has your arms and legs covered! The digital feedback device is nice – it’s pretty rewarding to see the distance, possible calories burned, and the amount of time you’ve been going – all while multitasking!

  120. Aliyah Hardin

    I saw this on an homebikes Daily Deal…and had been eyeing it for a while…but since it was on a “Deal Day” I GRABBED it…and I AM SO GLAD I DID…It arrived quickly thanks to homebikes express…and we got it set up with out ANY issues…I am AMAZED at how smooth and how STURDY the unit is despite it’s size!!The desk is GREAT…no bouncing AT ALL…the non skid desk mat is perfect!! I have a relatively large laptop yet I am able to position it to have a mouse pad tucked on the side and can use my mouse with no problems…After a couple of minutes of pedaling i started to hear a clicking noise…other reviews indicated that the clicking can subside on it’s own…but I decided to email bodyse desk Customer Service to ask them what to do…(PS…that was on a FRIDAY Evening…after 8:30pm…) and with in a half hour…I had a REALLY AWESOME response…which gave instructions on how to tighten the crank arm…being nervous about doing something wrong…I waited until my other half could lend a hand…he did so this morning…and the clicking noise is virtually gone….which makes this little bike ride SMOOTHER thank I could have ever hoped for…It is CRAZY Quiet….I work from home…and I’ve been on calls, and doing my job for the past 1.5 hrs…and it’s PERFECT for working….I used to work at at treadmill desk, but due to a foot injury, the impact of walking was causing my injury to remain a problem…This is so great b/c there is NO impact….and it is SO much quieter than the treadmill…so I don’t have to stop in order to focus on calls …..LOVE LOVE LOVE it…and LOVE how Awesome the bodyse desk CS team is…they REALLY want to make sure you are happy with your purchase…and seem very willing to do what ever necessary to ensure you have an exceptional product experience!!

  121. Lukas Copeland

    Ok- At first this was a bit hard on my derriere– I’m not a bike rider. I began the first day with a 20 minute session, then another 20 minutes the next day, then skipped a day, then resumed again today and yes, I felt pretty numb in my nether regions. So today I called Steve, the inventor of the bodyse desk to discuss replacing the standard seat with something more comfy for me– Steve was great! Very encouraging, told me to give it a bit more time and offered suggestions for possible seat replacements stressing the fact that this was a very subjective thing and again encouraging me to continue, to give it more time. So I did! I’m a big multitasker– I have to be for what I do for a living. So on I went, pedalng away– feeling a bit tender- then an important call came in. I kept pedalling while I talked to the potential customer. All in all, I must have been pedaling for about an hour and lo and behold: no numbing! OMG! I could probably continue but my legs are getting wobbly, ha ha! But then I remembered that Steve had suggested that I stand at the bodyse desk and continue working. So thanks to Steve, I just discovered that this amazing gadget also works for me as a standing desk- wow! Wow! Wow! I love it! Talk about great customer service and a great product!

  122. Uriah Hartman

    I was looking for something I could use to burn off a few calories in my home office and do not believe I could type well on a treadmill desk but decided to try the bike since I do a lot of biking. Also before my recent (6 mos ago) hip replacement, biking did not cause horrible hip pain and walking did so I leaned that way anyway.The desk came quickly, I put most of it together quickly and then got a little help from my husband. It worked perfectly and quietly and steadily for a couple of weeks until when tightening a screw in the pedal assembly that started getting loose, the screw and nut stripped their grooves and unfortunately that meant replacing a major portion of the bike. bodyse desk customer service was awesome and immediately shipped the new parts – after seeing photos of what had happened only – even though we were going on vacation and couldn’t return the rest the old parts for a couple of weeks.After a few minute reassembly, I’m back riding every day and I can say I truly love this. It actually is more comfortable than either my nice bike or a chair and pedaling, at least at fairly low resistance is so steady I’m doing it as I type this review with no difficulty typing at all. I think the key is the elbow/arm rest (massage bar) that steadies your arm – plus that the bike is very steady itself and almost silent.I’m confident that any problems in the future will be quickly dealt with – and feel it is one of my better “investments”!Some tips – if you are not in good shape – this bike can be put on almost no resistance and is then very easy to pedal. It won’t tip over like a real bike. You do have to be able to climb on it and not sure what the weight limit is. But its quite adjustable to body sizes – height, leg length etc.UPDATE – after several months I still love it. My laptop is permanently on the bodyse desk now and my only wish would be to have a better meter for how long/far I’ve ridden – and one that I can see despite having my laptop open. Maybe I just need better instructions on how to use it but I’m a little confused about the display. But do not hesitate to buy this for that reason – it is definitely secondary.

  123. Sara Osborne

    Wife and I decided we needed to lose some weight and get healthy so we researched exercise bikes and found it difficult to find one we could both use because I’m 6’3 and she’s 4’11. Then we found the bodyse desk, It adjusts to fit both of us perfectly and it even has a desk to do computer stuff, read, etc. Bike is very sturdy and well made. We are very pleased with this purchase. I even lost 20 lbs after 2 months. Definitely recommend this item.

  124. Anabelle Archer

    First thing: I’m in shock at how easy this was to put together. The screws were already in the pieces they were supposed to be used on, so you just had to unscrew, place the piece and re-insert the screws. The supporting documentation is also super clear and just in case, there is an app as well that demonstrates it. I didn’t need the app, so can’t comment on it. All-in-all, was so much easier than nearly anything else I’ve ever received to assemble.I’m in love with this thing because it’s lightweight enough to move around the house and can be folded up as needed. It’s not super small folded up, but you can reduce its footprint fairly easily if in a pinch by easily removing seat or desk part.I’m a tall female (6’0″) with stupidly long legs, so that was a concern, but they include a seat post extension that’s optional that gives it a few extra inches of lift.It’s solid enough and has enough resistance settings to offer a pretty flexible workout if needed. If you’re looking for some fancy computerized program that automatically changes them for you to simulate going up and downhill, though, like what you see at a gym, this isn’t it.

  125. Kenneth Bowers

    I’ve had this desk for about 7 months now and put lots of “miles” on it. I use it daily when I am working. Sure beats sitting in front of a computer all day. I made a stand to put my 2 monitors on my desk so that they are at eye level and use a wireless keyboard and mouse. You don’t work up a sweat using it but you are moving and your heart rate does elevate. When I’m not at my desk, I am an active person and fitness instructor, even teach spin cycling. This does not compare to that, but will keep your heart exercising at a decent pace and you can burn hundreds of extra calories per day. There are days where I have knee issues – not from this desk, but from previous injuries, so I just decide to stand instead. This should be a staple in your office.

  126. Lilianna Cowan

    A friend put it together for me as I am older and not as strong as I used to be. It is VERY sturdy and well made. I am so happy with it. HOWEVER, I am too short to get on it. Once on I am fine. So, being VERY smart and inventive, I realized that all I needed was a small stool on each side, out of the way of the peddles. Ah ah! I am now riding again. A very happy person with a bike I can count on. Yes, if you are short, it is a problem, but not insurmountable. This is a wonderful bike. I am so happy.

  127. Alex Olsen

    I bought this item about 5 months ago and love it. The bodyse desk is the best purchase I have made in the last 3 years – hands down. It does what it says it will do and it does it well. I am also one of those people that struggles with feeling comfortable on a bike and the seat is one of the better I have used. Over time, you also get used to it and it improves. The desk folds up in my office at work and is ULTRA quiet. It has actually been so popular with co-workers that many people are buying them and putting them in their offices.The assembly was simple – took about 25-30 minutes. The unit also transported in the back seat of my 2011 Camry so it can be transported from house to office and vice versa with relative ease. Just remove the handlebars before transport and reattach them once you have set it up again. The headsup display/tracker isn’t great but it does the trick. I personally like to use my Polar Loop and H7 heart rate monitor when on the bike anyways if i want to really track my workout. But if its just to stay active, I ignore the monitor, set the resistance and just go. A great way to stay fit and healthy, the price is great for what you get and I cannot recommend this enough.

  128. Bobby Herman

    This has been such a useful purchase for my partner and me. We have put about 2600 miles on it since we got it. There was a short time about three months after we bought it that it was making a strange sound inside of the pedaling area, but it went away and hasn’t come back. So we bought the 3 year protection, but haven’t needed it. I’m honestly very surprised that it works so well and that we have gotten so much use out of it. It’s great if you want to binge on Netflix without feeling too lazy:)

  129. Alice Stephens

    Saw this as an homebikes promotion, and read the glowing reviews. All right, I’ll bite, and I ordered one. Here’s my experience –The bike is a joy to put together. That’s a very strange thing for me to write, but I kept thinking it the whole time. It’s quality gear (save the flimsy little “meter”), well painted, good fit and finish, and all the needed fasteners are there and in place, ready for assembly. instructions are perhaps overly notated — I don’t need every washer named — but it goes together so easily I can’t imagine anyone having difficulty. The system as a whole shows a great deal of thought, and I appreciated seeing how so many adjustments and smart design choices were implemented.Now I’m sitting on it and typing a review, like so many others. A slight sweat (I’m on setting 3), and after a quick test I could feel my legs burning so I know I’m out of shape and this can only do me good.However, I will state two caveats. One — I’m pedaling at what would be around 10mph on my road bike, and the meter proudly claims I’m going 34mph. It’s silly. That’s how so many reviewers can proudly proclaim they’ve gone 1,500 miles or 15,000 miles in no time at all. In my case it says in half an hour I’ve clocked 13 miles, when I’d be surprised if I went 5. So I’ll just take all the statistics it provides with a multiplier of .4 if I’m interested in reality. But then, who cares what the stats are as long as I’m pedaling and getting a little moist under the arms.Second — like any pure friction cycle, you get variable resistance as it goes around. I prefer cycles that have more of a flywheel effect. Oh well, what do you want for two hundred bucks. That said, you can crank it up to 8 and need a lot of effort to keep pedaling, so the question of whether it can provide a good workout, I’d say yes, handily. I’m happy at 3, where I can type without screaming in pain — and amazingly I’ve been at it for half an hour without even thinking about it. That’s more cycling than I’ve done this year. (Okay, it’s Jan 4th.) Seriously, it adds exercise where there had been none. And that’s why I purchased it.I expect it to last well, as reports from others say it looks brand new after a year of use. Which is not what I’m expecting from my cardiovascular system or my leg muscles, which had better not look unchanged after a year of use.So far, very happy with my purchase.

  130. Alisson Shepard

    I have owned a upright exercise bike for over 13 years. After knee surgery, I found using the upright bike was uncomfortable for my knees. I decided that a recumbent bike is what I needed so that my knees would not be subjected to too much painful bending, but did not want to purchase anymore equipment that cannot be folded and stored away. While surfing on homebikes I came across the bodyse desk v2.0 Exercise Bike. I was a bit turned off by the appearance because it looked like it would topple over. I read the details and also a few of the reviews. I decided to order it on Wednesday because “semi-recumbent” was stated in the details. homebikes sent me my order on Thursday which was much earlier than expected so I was very excited.When I opened the box I was a bit overwhelmed at the amount of parts involved. I muttered to myself, what did I get myself into, took a deep breath and removed them one by one and placed them on the bed (so I don’t have to keep bending of course). The main bike frame was in one piece so that was a good sign. I stared at it and wondered if this would be strong enough or would it tilt or rock because it wasn’t a bulky frame like most equipment. The main frame came folded so I opened it out by pulling the knob and used my foot to push the back part of the frame away from the front area so it could stand on its own. Then I attempted to put it together by myself without hubby. It took me about one hour to get it all together (but I did not install the back rest because I am deciding if I want it there). It’s amazing that I was able to do it by myself without hubby.Friends, this is not a sales pitch, but the words of a happy owner/rider.Once completed, I decided to give it a test ride on the floor of my bedroom. WOW!! It felt solid and strong, never shook or tilted and pedaling was amazingly smooth and quiet. Above all, my knees were not subject to extreme bending at all, as on the upright exercise bike and certainly not uncomfortable. I am 5’4” and I used the first hole which was the comfortable height for me. It was such smooth pedaling and extremely quiet that I didn’t realize that so much time had elapsed. Changing the tension of my pedaling is also a breeze. When I finished my test ride, my knees were not feeling uncomfortable at all, it was as if I didn’t ride. 10 stars for that, but I can only give it 5.Yes, it did bother my rear end a tidbit, but not enough to stop me, and not as bad as my outdoor bicycle. I am planning to add a bit of sponge for added comfort. I woke up this morning and spent another 40 smooth minutes and I was sweating and it felt real good.I might add that the desk top came in handy this morning and it does not get in the way of my TV. I had the remote, phone and my coffee mug on top while I was riding. (I am not recommending coffee on top for anyone else.) I love it, love it, love it. It’s amazing that I finally found an exercise semi-recumbent bike that I will enjoy riding while watching my favorite shows, reading or communicating and no knee pain. Yayy!!!

  131. Kasey Sparks

    6/6/2015Contacted bodyse desk and got a very quick response and replacement from their CEO. The new unit arrived 3 days afterwards and was working great so far. Although the initial noise problem happened but got it resolved in a very quick fashion! bodyse desk said that they have found the problem and know how to get rid of it once and for all. There is probably a design flaw in the earlier generations of products in my opinion.I do feel a good burn afterwards everytime I use it so I would definitely recommend to others!5/28/2015Saw great reviews from the buyers and decided to get one at £259.99. (Saw another one on Woot for £199.99 the next day but have to pay £30 to return it!! Very disappointed!!)Unit came late last week, assembled it during the long weekend and used it for the first time today. CLICK CLICK CLICK every spin on the wheel. I stepped backwards and the noise went away then comes back again within 2 min or so. Good idea and good product but this click noise is driving me nuts! I was going to use this for my conference calls but it’s impossible with that noise and it’s pretty loud!I saw someone previously have the same problem as well but thought that was luck of the draw….I guess I was wrong! Hopefully someone from bodyse desk can contact me and provide some help to resolve this problem.

  132. Lillian Parrish

    I bought the bike in January during a one day sale on homebikes, so have now had two months to test it out.I selected this particular bike to use for when I can’t get to the gym. This bike was the only one that claimed to fit a short person (I am 4’10” ). The desk addition was necessary to get my sons to get more exercise. They complain that exercise is “boring”. Hopefully being able to use their laptop on the bike would encourage them to get more active.Installation: I was able to install it by myself without help, although the instructions were not very good (a single page with small diagrams of 100 or so different numbered parts is not the best way to identify what you need to use in the construction…). There were not enough washers to give a secure tightening to the miscellaneous screws. Luckily, I did not need the extension piece, so used up all the washers from it for the other screws. Also, the wrench combo provided was useless in tight spaces. Luckily I had the right sized ones at home.Once put together, ithe bike quiet and easy to use (mostly). It’s been working fine so far with no mishaps, except for a torn pedal strap.Features:* Most important – size fit. We are three users – 4’10”, 5’4″ and 5’8″. The bike fits all of us, though I have to lower the seat completely down for me, but I can reach the pedals. A little lower would be nice, though.* The knob for height adjustment needs to be completely screwed out each time to change the height – not very convenient when 2-3 people of different sizes share the bike. A pull out knob would work better.* The pedals are small and cheaply made. The straps to hold foot in place tore on one of them. I am wondering if I could put real bike pedals in their place – anyone knows? The bike is still be under warranty, though, so I should be able to get a replacement.* This is a very basic bike, with no exercise programs, and the max resistance level is not high enough. It’s not designed for a hard exercise (spinning, etc) but I wish they added a few more resistance levels.* The desk is cool and very useful – my sons indeed bring their laptops to play or watch while on it. I usually watch TV late at night while getting a workout.* I bought the desk extension to allow for easier use of mouse. I wish they provided only that half for half the price.* +++ It is *really* quiet, none of the clicking noises reported by others. :-)* I did not expect to, but I love the stretch bands. I i can use them while cycling and watching, and my upper arms are stronger already, and gained a nice toned look.Location:I set it in the living room, express TV watching spot, close to the wi-fi router… :-). After all, I do want everyone to use it. It does not take much space, nor looks out of place.Usage:it is used daily. I ride it 30-60 minutes every night. My older son uses it whenever he visits, typically for an hour a day. Getting my teenager to use it is a harder challenge (even when he does, he does the minimum and burns very few calories, but at least he is on it). It is set on the highest resistance (which is not very high…). So far it has held well, and an hour provides a good exercise.On the whole, it’s a great bike. Having the desk serves as a great incentive for coach potato kids (and adults) to work out.

  133. Juan Hayes

    I bought a bodyse desk in preparation for fatherhood – the idea was that I’d be able to get a bit of exercise in the short periods of time when I was able to do some work. It has worked wonderfully for that. I use it almost every morning before she and my partner wake up. Even the time I spend responding to inane emails doesn’t seem as pointless now – I just pedal harder when I’m irritated.After four months of (quite heavy) use, the bike developed a problem, indicated by grinding and clicking sounds. I contacted the company. They responded promptly, and asked for a video of the problem. Within a day, they told me they were just sending me a new main frame and gear box. Those arrived promptly, and have been great since.I am not someone who normally gets excited about purchases or companies, but this is an exception. It’s not a perfect product – you can see how they keep the cost down by making some components pretty minimal. But I’m a fan regardless, and have recommended it to several friends.

  134. Patrick Keller

    This thing has seriously kicked my fitness into gear! I am one of those obnoxiously busy people who always justified having “no time” for exercise. Juggling work, volunteering, hobbies, and general lazy leisure time, the bodyse desk has made it easy and fun to get a workout in while I’m working or emailing or in a show hole (hello, Outlander!)I’m a moderately fit person – I can hike five miles uphill, I practice yoga regularly, I lift weights occasionally – and I am breathless and sweaty after 35 minutes hovering between a 4 and a 5 speed on the bike. The fitness bands don’t get much use from me – I find them awkward and unnecessary for the most part.It was fairly simple and straightforward to put together, save for some wonkiness getting the seat on there. The boyfriend and his Hulk arms tightened some bolts for me.Occasionally when I first get going on this thing I hear a clicking, or a knocking sort of noise, but it goes away rather quickly.Highly recommend. The convenience and ease of this has been worth every penny for me!

  135. Haylee Haynes

    There are a lot of great reviews for the bodyse desk, so I didn’t want to be redundant adding another one…but it is such a great product, terrific design, and support is so outstanding that I feel compelled to weigh in.I’ve owned the bodyse desk 2 for over a year now. Having completed 5 Ironman triathlons in recent years, I’ve put in literally thousands of cycling miles in training…so perhaps a unique perspective on the bodyse desk.The reason for this review is a recent outstanding service example. The computer that came with the bodyse desk finally packed it in…stopped working. Since it’s over 1 year old, I figured the computer thing was out of warranty so I contacted bodyse desk to see what a replacement would cost. Big surprise…they just sent me a new one…free. As it turns out the new one has better buttons than the old one, and works like a charm.So as to the bodyse desk itself. I’m 5’ 8”…my wife 5’ 4”, and my son 6’ 2” (yeah the postman is tall, but that’s another story), and we all fit with the seat extension installed. I fit it without the extension, but added it to get the seating a bit more upright. The seat position is like a beach cruiser geometry with the pedals forward of the seat which I presume makes it more universally comfortable…as opposed to what I’m used to with road/tri bikes where you are sitting more upright over the pedals.I typically ride it at a setting 6, which I find an easy spinning pace at 90 RPM, easy enough for a conversation and working on my laptop. An hour with the new computer has been displaying around 22-24 MPH, and 500’ish calories burned, which seems about right. There are 2 harder settings, 7 and 8, and I’ll tell you that if you want a workout at higher intensity those will give it to you.No matter the settings, the bike and desk are solid. I have it sitting on a concrete floor with a short pile carpet on top. Solid. I have a 17” laptop that almost consumes the top of the desk, but still leaves just enough room for my phone to lay beside it…and a very handy drawer for other ‘stuff’. I find the seat to be very comfortable…I’m more used to a hard, racing saddle, but I can easily ride the bodyse desk for 90 minutes without even noticing the seat. My wife rolls along at a more leisurely pace and finds the seat very comfortable while watching a show up to an hour long.Not to be taken lightly, the bodyse desk is invisibly quiet. Talking on the phone, watching a show, noise is a total non-factor.The bodyse desk is addictive. I originally bought it to tide me over during an injury that kept me off the road bike for a few months. Now over a year later, it’s become part of my weekly workouts…just so darn efficient to be able to multi-task while spinning off the calories and miles.An absolute winner of a design with astonishing service and support.

  136. Ansley Macdonald

    I will admit that I’ve only been using my bike for three days, but I love it. It took me a while to put together because I wanted to make certain I followed the instructions thoroughly. The instructions were pretty easy to follow. The pictures about which bolts went with which parts were too small to be clear, but the bike was packaged really well so that almost all of the bolts and screws were already attached to the parts that they went with. Though I ended up taking out my tools to get to some hard-to-reach places, they did supply this very neat all-purpose tool that I used for most of the bike. It’s also streamlined and handy enough that I’ve left it out so I can attend to the parts that regularly need to be rechecked for tightness. I’d read a lot of reviews about clicking pedals, but I made certain to tighten mine and haven’t had any issues yet.So far I’ve used the bike while typing. It’s completely stable. I haven’t had any issues with the bike shaking or shimmying. It doesn’t tip when I climb on or off, though it warns in the users manual that it can. I don’t really use the odometer, especially since it’s hidden behind my computer screen and I forget it’s there. I imagine that if you really want to stare at it while you work out, that would be an inconvenience. I will say that adjusting to the bike seat is rough. I really wish I’d invested in the gel or sheepskin seat cover that they suggested. If I don’t adjust soon, I will be making that purchase because Ouch!

  137. Kendall Farrell

    I bought this bike about 4 months ago because I had shoulder surgery and wanted to get active again as soon as possible after. It should also be handy when I don’t want to exercise at the crack of dawn to avoid TX summer’s opressive heat. Along with that, I work a lot and have a high pressure job, so multitasking is my jam. I read the reviews of a lot of different bikes in this price range, because I didn’t want to go out of pocket over £300. I got this bike and  Supermats Heavy Duty P.V.C. Mat for Cardio- Fitness Products (2.5-Feet x 5-Feet)  to keep it in place, which was a good match for the bike’s footprint- I actually have about 2 feel of space front and back, but it gives it its own space within my dining room.A few potential problems I was on the lookout for from reviews of this and other bikes:- A clicking or squeaking noise when pedaling after the bike reaches certain mileage: I’m at 350 miles now with no issues- Putting it together: It was easy, took about an hour with a bum shoulder- Display location: Not an issue when using my iPad mini, have to put the lid down on my laptop to see it- Seat height: I’m 5’8, no issues. My 4’6 son (7yo) can almost touch the pedals when it’s low, he needs another 6″ or so though- Seat position: Wish it could go back and forward a little, but it works fine as-is- Pedals: Have stayed in place, no issues- Resistance: I’m used to cycling on some hills where I live, higher tension can replicate that for my fitness level (average? I can cycle 20 miles with some hills)- Sturdiness: My husband is 260lbs and says it feels sturdy when I asked him to try it for 30mn, so if you’re trying to improve your health and right around the recommended weight limit, I wouldn’t stress too much.- Desk size: Just right for my 17″ laptop and my 14″ work laptop also fits on it fine. No room for a mouse if you need one. Nice and grippy- Multitasking: If I’m actually working/typing, I need it set on <4 tension. If I'm just watching Hulu or something, it can go higher.- Design: I wish it came in black, but you can't have everythingAll in all, a really good bike at this price point. Not a lot of bells and whistles beyond the desk, but you'd have to go up a price range for that anyway.

  138. Blaze Waters

    UPDATE: I’ve had this for 7 months now. I’m still in love with it. I’ve had no issues so far. Nothing has broken. It still feels sturdy and works perfectly. I’ve used it to read a book or watch a show on my laptop while pedalling away.FIRST REVIEW: I just received it today and wanted to write my initial thoughts. I’ll update my review in a few months once I’ve been able to test it and use it.So far, I love It! The box it came in was not damaged (more than regular shipping, anyway) and all of the pieces came in good condition. One thing I really like is that the manual is very clear on how to assemble it and parts are easy to distinguish. For example, even the pedals have a “R” or “L” on them so you can match them with the right side of the bike. Also, all of the nuts and bolts came attached to the pieces where I needed them. I just had to unscrew them, pit the piece in place, and tighten them back in.All in all, it took me about an hour to put together. But that was because I wasn’t in a rush and my dog kept getting in the way looking for attention.Another thing: some people have asked about height. I’m 5’2″ and normally ride a 26″ woman’s bike. I have this set on either the lowest or next lowest setting and I can reach the pedals just fine. Even leaning against the backrest.The desk so far is nice. I bought the extensions so I could have a cup holder, work on my 15.6″ MacBook Pro, and have my cellphone right next to it without feeling cramped or like something was going to fall. And the bike is super quiet and stable. I highly recommend this bodyse desk.

  139. Ean Barry

    Working out while working from home or just using electronics made easy! I love this bike and the desk extension is a nice addition. You aren’t going to get an intense workout while on a laptop but it is so much better than just sitting at a desk.

  140. Caiden Morton

    I just got the bike last week (end of Aug 2016), and my husband easily put it together for me without any problems. I bought it to use while studying/reading textbooks. It’s much nicer than I was expecting. It’s very quiet and smooth. It’s easy to move around (maybe weighing 35 pounds(?)) and feels sturdy when using. I love the desk and especially love the bars you rest your forearms on. I’m 5’11” and fit comfortably on the bike. I consider myself a runner (I run 3-5 miles/day) and bought this as an additional workout/way to keep busy while studying. It works great for that. I keep the resistance on level 5 and can comfortably read and ride for an hour or so. The levels range from 1-8, so I’m happy knowing I still have room to go up or down depending on my needs. The seat is very comfortable. While I haven’t put my laptop on the desk yet, I plan to in the future. The desk definitely seems reliable enough to do so. It’s got a rubbery top that helps prevent slippage and straps. I highly recommend this bike. It’s affordable, smooth and of high quality (at least of what I can tell so far). It also doesn’t take up a large footprint and fits nicely in the corner of my living room.

  141. Laila Walker

    I love my bike. I have been riding it every weekday for a few weeks now. After about 30 min., I still get some numbness but I hop off, stretch quickly, and get back on it and am good to go for another 30 min. I use mine on a very low resistance (3-4/10) and the time flies. With low resistance and a very casual pace, the odometer (on factory settings) reads about 400 calories burned per hour. I am 5’6 and experience some soreness in my kneecaps after a long turn on the bike, despite adjusting the seat to optimal positioning. The laptop stand is sturdy although I do tend to use the adjustable straps to secure it in place just for safety. It is very quiet. For this price, I am thrilled.

  142. Hadley Stephenson

    I absolutely love this exercise bike. For the first time in my life I have actually been exercising. (I am not young.) It is the only piece of exercise equipment I’ve ever tried that I actually look forward to using–and that that I miss when I can’t ride for some reason. It has a small footprint and fits into an alcove in my bedroom without being in the way. The desk (which keeps repetitive exercise from boring me to tears) is perfect for my laptop, for work or a movie, or reading. The massage bar works wonderfully well, so my arms are never sore, even after long rides. Although too heavy for me to carry as delivered, I unpacked and easily carried it up unassembled, and then assembled it without difficulty. The bike is quiet in use, which is important to me. I did put a 24″x46″ mat under it. The bike seems especially well engineered; the only thing about it I don’t especially like is the placement of the arm-band holders and the hook that holds the arm band when in use. I can’t find the holders when I’m on the bike, and the band doesn’t like to stay in the hook when the tension on the band is released; this is a minor issue, and I just hang the band nearby when not using it. Otherwise, the design and engineering seem excellent. The pull out drawer, while small, is quite useful for note cards and pens and pencils. Pedal resistance is adjustable. You can pedal backwards, too. Seat, massage bar and desk are all adjustable and contribute to overall comfort and ease of use. After six weeks of nearly daily use, I can’t imagine being without it.

  143. Marques Hart

    I’ve only had this for 3 days and will update my review if anything changes, but wow do I love this bike!!! It is dead silent. Zero sound when pedaling. I work from home and can ride this thing and work in my bedroom next to my sleeping husband and he’s none the wiser. He’s a light sleeper too. He doesn’t know I’m there until he sees me there. This is very easy to ride and comfortable. The only thing I will say that some may want to consider, is regarding the supposed height ranges is accommodates. I am 5’6″ and have my seat at the lowest setting and am stretched to my limit to rotate the pedals comfortably. I can’t imagine being even an inch shorter and being able to ride this thing.The set up was easy as can be. I had it built within 30 minutes. That includes unpacking and discarding the packaging when complete.The footprint is small but if you can’t keep it out all the time, it folds up.I wanted more desk space so I purchased the extension kit separately. I literally cannot wait for it to get here! A randomly unexpected perk (for me) is that this will effectively be the first left handed desk I’ve ever been privileged enough to use. I’m 36 and it was worth the wait! It’s not a naturally left handed desk, but with the extension it will be. There is a section on the right for your mouse and cup holder, and the section on the left is for writing and has a document stand. As a lefty in a tight handed world, I am over the moon!The seat is comfortable, the arm rest/massager is fabulous, the added resistance arm band is a ridiculously awesome addition (whoever thought of that – THANK YOU!!!!!). I could go on and on. The nice thing about the way the resistance band connects is that you can use any resistance band you’d like. It just hooks on, so you can swap or replace the one that comes with the bike if you like. I have a few heavy duty ones that I can sub in if I want a more extreme upper body workout. The included band is really nice though.The drawer is a great addition too. I leave it open with my phone and tv remote sitting in it.I find it super easy to mindlessly pedal for miles while typing and working away. I’m not sure of the accuracy of the miles/calories/distance tracker, but it does work and has a nice, easy to read, simple display.I worked on this for 6 hours the day it arrived, and I was not uncomfortable. I worked while on it for 12 hours yesterday and 8 today.I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to be less sedentary. There are 8 resistance levels, so you can get a good workout on this bad boy if that’s what you desire. I keep it on 4 while working and crank it up to 7 when I’m focusing only on exercising.If you’re looking for a bike desk, this one will not disappoint.

  144. Gaige Nichols

    I haven’t been this delighted with a product in a long time. As college professor, I can’t avoid sedentary evenings. Or rather, I couldn’t. That all changed last week when I assembled this bike and begin clocking 20 miles/day while doing a few hours of research. The design is ingenious — I especially like the drawer for my phone, as well as the strap securing my laptop. The addition of resistance bands for arms is one of those things that makes one feel like she is being served by inventors who are working for the sheer love of good design. The base is incredibly sturdy, and I appreciate the seat back and the non-slip surface. My only minor critiques are that the desk plastic isn’t as sturdy as the rest of the machine (mine actually came slightly cracked, though I imagine the company will replace it if I ask), and that I don’t entirely trust the activity meter without a heart rate monitor. (However, a heart rate monitor would spike the cost, which is exceptionally low.) It took just under two hours to assemble, and I agree with the other reviewers that a ratchet set is handy if you have it, but not essential. You should also tighten the bolts once a week or so, which isn’t hard. As for usability, you’re not going to want to spend a full day on this, but you won’t have to. I find that reading, emailing, note-taking, websurfing, and movies work best on the bodyse desk; intensive writing might be better saved for a desk on which you don’t have to expend a few brainwaves to keep the pedals moving. That said, if you pedal at light resistance, you’ll barely be aware that you’re doing it, and I do think the process keeps me more alert even if it divides my attention a hair. I don’t know how these guys keep the prices so low, and they even donate some of the desks schools! I’ll check back in if I have troubles with it down the road, but if I get a year out of this, it will have paid itself off many times. I don’t use the phrase “life-changing” lightly, but it just may fit here.

  145. Averie Benjamin

    bodyse desk 3 arrived today and was set up this eve with ease. Currently working on mile 6 and I’m super PLEASED!! I’m out of shape and making changes. I work a corporate job (from home) and go to school nights and weekends, so there is entirely too much desk time. This bike is sturdy and silent-not quiet-silent! This means I will be able to do work and take calls/conference calls/do training, without anyone knowing I’m exercising! I’m 5’5 and 200+ and this bike & desk is adjustable to be have a GOOD RIDE AND do WORK!! The desk and bar can slide and in and out with ease and my ipad and laptop are within easy reach and 100% functional. Easily movable and collapsible for a single lady. I will probably order a gel cushion (even with my built in padding) it’s the only thing i would change. The desk is big enough for laptop, phone and drink; the top is grippy and a nice popup if you want to read. They seem to have made all the proper changes for this version! Mile 7.3 whew 👍

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