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Bodyse M1 – Magnetic Exercise Bike

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With the Bodyse M1 Magnetic Exercise Bike, you can adjust the intensity of your workout through speed, resistance, and incline. 8 level resistance system often offer a greater variation in resistance programs. It allows the users to fine-tune their training if they wish to do so. It has widened and enlarged cushion, designed to fit the hip curve, avoiding the pressure and discomfort of long riding.


Brand: Bodyse
Condition: New
Cushion width: 25mm
Maximum User Weight: 150kg
Dimensions: 105x48x118cm (LxWxH)
Display Screen: Yes
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

42 reviews for Bodyse M1 – Magnetic Exercise Bike

  1. Lukas Copeland

    This exercise bike comes with manual that has clear and easy installation guide. For the installation, it took me about 1 hour to finish it. The cable is a bit hard to connect, as it’s inside the tube and i have to use some screwdriver to pull it out. As for the user experience, it’s pretty good, with not much pain in the back as the recumbent design, so in general it’s a good exercise bike

  2. Uriah Hartman

    I had a question during the installation and sent them an e-mail. Nancy responded the same day and answered my question. I then finished with the installation. Nancy sent me a follow up e-mail to make sure I had no further questions and to see if I was happy with the product – which I was. Great company to deal with!

  3. Sara Osborne

    I like it very much. This thing is worth buying, and the quality is good. It looks like I imagined. The first time I bought fitness equipment, it was much better than I thought. It took only 20 minutes for the two of us to install it. Now I rely on it to lose weight at home. ,

  4. Kenneth Bowers

    I am so surprised to this exercise because easy to get a workout at home I have gained so much weight I very happy I will recommend to my friends.

  5. Lilianna Cowan

    This is perfect one what I was looking for. Good Quality!! My son just take half hour to assemble, it’s very easy. As soon as it was assembled, he can’t wait to start to exercise. He likes it so much, me too. It’s very quite and comfortable when in use. I use it about one hour every day!

  6. Alex Olsen

    He has been using it for a while and he is very satisfied, so he is very happy to buy it. Spent two hours for a very skilled friend. The difficult part is the controls, but once he views the Youtube tutorial, he can make it work. And it does not take up much space. It is very suitable to be placed at home, and the air conditioner is not very hot.

  7. April Marsh

    Easy assembly great settings nice display I’m glad i purchased this particular one i have pain issues and haven’t been able to exercise much this has made me feel hopeful that i can regularly exercise very happy with this bike i get on it everyday

  8. Bobby Herman

    It was easy to assemble, I took a hours. I love having this it’s handy and has given the opportunity to increase my exercise from a few times a week to 5+ times per week. It’s sturdy and comfortable to use. Highly recommend.

  9. Alice Stephens

    One friend recommended it and I am glad that I followed his advice. We want to put the bike in the living room so that we can exercise while watching TV. So its compact size is an important factor in our purchase decision too.The bike arrived in a well-organized package with detailed assembly instructions. It runs smoothly and quietly. Though we have a treadmill and elliptical trainer in the basement, it has quickly become the most used fitness equipment in the house (accessibility is super important!). The control is intuitive and easy to figure out. We bought a bulkier and more expensive recumbent bike from a better-known brand before. That one quickly broke down because of faulty parts. I will say this one feels more sturdy and smooth. Here is the hope that it can last a few years. This bike does what it is supposed to do quite well. So far, I am a happy camper.

  10. Alisson Shepard

    Keep moving when the epidemic cannot go out. It is very enjoyable to watch the video while riding. There are multiple modes for switching and gravity adjustment.

  11. Kasey Sparks

    Really great bike, pedaling is super Smooth and quiet. It is a nice size and has plenty of leg room, I am 5’6″ and had to reposition seat 3x which is a bummer you cant slide to adjust like the gyms but since it is closed along with everything else right now due to horrible COVID-19, this super low priced recumbant bike is much nicer than I expected. I had a tiny prob with upright cover snapping into place and lower hole for bottle holder but just realign it a few times and it’ll be fine. Overall, great bike, feels solid, great quality. I def recommend!

  12. Lillian Parrish

    Bought it for my sister because my sister wanted to be more active. We put it in front of the TV. The se can seat there watching TV and doing exercise at the same time. Great addition to our home. It is a great way to get some exercise in when you’re stuck indoors.

  13. Juan Hayes

    I bought this recumbent bike for my husband and I to get some more indoor exercise. Because our house is far away from the parks,and build on the slope. So I decided to buy one for doing workout. The assembly is very simple. The bike is not too heavy to be moved.There is adjustable seat and a tension control on it and I tried the bike for a few days that it is completely silent and easy to use.Time,calories,distance,speed and odometer are on the display and it is easy to set and read as well. The price was reasonable and it deserves more than 5-stars rating. I was so excited to get this exercise bike.

  14. Patrick Keller

    It was fairly easy to assemble! I was able to do it by myself in 40 minutes. It meets my expectations, but it is a little tippy if you start going too fast.

  15. Haylee Haynes

    This exercise bike has been an excellent purchase for me. It is quiet, easy to adjust, and very sturdy!

  16. Kendall Farrell

    I started feeling soreness in my hips about a year ago. For most of my career, I had jobs where I either stood or walked for most of the day, but now I sit down most of the time, and am having to find ways to work my hips to where the soreness isn’t as bad or is gone after sitting a while. I bought this a few weeks ago, and it was super easy to assemble. There were straightforward directions, and even the tools kit had clearly labeled tools named as per the directions booklet. This was a well thought-out assembly collection, and the pieces are well made! I found it not to difficult to move, and loved the adjustable angle tablet attachment on the platform! They even give you a Wirk rubber coaster, which is a nice touch! I still need to put batteries in the reader, but I just love sitting on it and riding while I watch tv. The resistance is easy to adjust, and here are just so many adjustable components that make this comfortable. I bought the bike on sale here for about $110, so I wasn’t sure of the quality that this fold-up would have, but I’m pleasantly surprised! I want to follow this company and see what else they sell! Great experience!

  17. Allan Sharp

    Yes!!! This bike is awesome! I’m writing this review while riding it actually. Extremely quiet. Comfortable seat. Easy to assemble. Easy to adjust. I love that it can become a standing desk as well. Very lightweight so it would be easy to store in a closet or corner when not being used. I read a lot and work from home several hours of the day. This bike helps me to stay moving even when I need to be seated.

  18. Jett Carey

    Got it in the mail – put it together by myself while watching a movie and took about 1 hour. Could be less if I was single focused. Instructions manual shows you step by step how to put it together and it includes all the bolts, screws and tools to build it inside. Once I got it made, tried it out and it was great. It was comfortable (I’m about 300 lbs. and tall) and I could pedal and not hit the table, had plenty of clearance. My only kurfuffle is the seat and seat back have a strong smell to them. After trying it out, the smell transfers to my clothes and carries with me… so, not sure why it smells so bad like a chemical, but it does. I hope it stops emitting a chemical smell soon.

  19. Erik Lloyd

    This thing is good looking, sturdy, comfortable, quiet and stable. The tray is adjustable and the side handles are a handy place to stash arms while cycling. I haven’t set up the tracking meter yet so no comment about that. I had looked at a Sharper Image product and in the end decided this was the better bike with more attractive price as well. So happy I did this. Don’t hesitate, you will love it !

  20. Morgan Brandt

    I work as a teacher all day, and then I typically come home and work another 4-5 hours on the computer (either for school or for my second job). This has been sooo helpful. Instead of sitting on the couch or in my office working, I prop my laptop on the standing desk part and just pedal and work. It doesn’t take up much space, isn’t too difficult to move around, and is quite when you pedal. I’m very happy with the purchase.

  21. Cohen Sanchez

    This item is sturdier than I imaged it being. Good value.

  22. Cyrus Chung

    Simple to put together and love that it has the built in desk. Make sure to either have a closed drink or that it is only half full. When you tilt the desk toward you the drink tilts too.

  23. Blaze Waters

    I had a person give me a donation to buy three of these bikes for our special education rooms at the high school where I work. They’re awesome from the high school boys were able to put these together for us. The special ed classes love being able to be on these. I highly recommend

  24. Chaz Estes

    It’s was fairly easy to assemble and doesn’t take up much space. It pedals quietly and seems to be a pretty good value for the money. It doesn’t adjust quite low enough for shorter riders (I’m 5’2″) so I have to sit forward in the seat to pedal comfortably. Overall I like it. Have only had it about a month so time will tell how well it holds up.

  25. Violet Wilkerson

    For how much it costs and its features, it’s a bargain. However, I actually wish there were less tension settings in regards to how hard it is to petal. The number of settings different my husband and I are is about 50. Seriously. It makes it inconvenient when he and I use the bike. I personally find the seat uncomfortable. I wish I could adjust the angle of the back of the seat so that I had better support without feeling slumped down. However, the foot pedal that brings the desk part closer or further away is awesome! It’s soooo convenient! Also, if you stop pedalling for a few seconds, you don’t lose all the data in the monitor like you do on some bikes. It is compact and will fit just about anywhere…a definite plus.

  26. Ean Barry

    Love love love this!!! I do 10 miles a day without even thinking about it. Best purchase ever!!!!!!

  27. Caiden Morton

    works as described and allows for multitasking.

  28. Laila Walker

    Get a good book and time flies! Also like the adjustment as I am 5′ 3″.

  29. Hadley Stephenson

    I love it cuz kept exercise at home as save money

  30. Marques Hart

    Great ride. Takes a bit to get used too. When u standup while cycling it tends to rock more towards the side your pushing down on. Resistance works well. Seat is adjustable along with the handles and you can adjust the foot pedels to for your shoe.

  31. Presley Whitehead

    Super sturdy. It is totally worth the money. It has all metal material which I really like. In my experience the ones made of plastic, or partially plastic, brake or bend easily. It was easy to assemble too, 90 minutes tops.

  32. Gaige Nichols

    Moves around easily from corner to corner. My friend rode it for 35 min, he’s 220lbs…held up nicelyHad for few months-long complaints.No noise and not wobbling .Big enough for curvy bodies, small enough to not be bulky

  33. Averie Benjamin

    I can’t believe the quality of this spin bike for the money I paid. It does not have the cadence or resistance that you are looking for, but none of them do! I just try to match the instructors cadence (whatever video I am using – plus my own knowledge of my capability). It has been going great!If you want to improve your ride – this is an awesome bike. I have improved on my rides 10 times over. If you want to loose weight- use this plus a great spin class. I sweat more than I would in a sauna with a sweat suit on.

  34. Michael Hunt

    Only used it a day, so far so good. We really liked how easy the instructions made it to put it together.

  35. Sage Eaton

    Still happy with this purchase, if you live in an apartment I would put this on a carpet . It’s pretty quiet but it isn’t silent (hence the carpet) over all it’s incredibly convenient, pretty compact, a bit on the heavy side. Worth it for the money though.

  36. Leticia Pugh

    Compact footprint, sturdy, comfortable. Only small criticism is that the area for my laptop is not wide enough to accommodate much mouse movement. I am going to see if I can find an attachable mouse tray. Otherwise, sure beats petrifying at a desk all day. I feel much better after work after using this.

  37. Asa Mullins

    This bike is sturdy, easy to use, and has a small footprint. Those were the most important factors to me, and it really delivers! Had a bit of trouble tightening the seat at assembly, but kept at it and it worked. Since then, no issues, and I’m riding it every day. Good buy! So glad to have it. Highly recommend!

  38. Catherine Patton

    I just started cycling and needed a decent bike to get started at home. With so many products to choose from I decided to get this one. I love it so far after almost 2 months using it 3-4 time a week. Its quite and very stable. The tension is perfect for me and so even as I adjust it to my needs. I love love it!! The only thing I wish for is a drink holder. Excellent product.

  39. Kenzie Joyce

    I got this delivered last week. Finally assembled and tried it. The assembly was easy. Riding it in front of my computer playing cycling class online feel like in the cycling gym, lol. The size is compact, great for my tiny apartment.Anyway, I am very happy with the purchase. Would recommend it for the price!

  40. Alannah Lucas

    As a student, this is great for when I’m forced to sit and study for long periods. It’s not easy to move on carpet, but it’s still manageable. It was easy to assemble with the instruction book and it took about an hour.

  41. Davis Gibson

    I have 2 of these, one at home and one in my office at work – I love them! Great way to get in exercise (and not even realize it) while working on a computer.

  42. Aydin Hunter

    I looked around and several models. I wanted to get a good quality exercise bike at a reasonable price, and I found this VIG body model. I am extremely impressed with the build quality. It is very sturdy and highly adjustable. I am 6’4″ tall and have no problem riding it, and I can adjust it so my 7 year old daughter fits it as well. One of the things I like the most is that this bike is EXTREMELY quiet! I am able to exercise while everyone else in the house is asleep. I am very happy with my purchase and look forward to putting many more miles on the bike!

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