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Bodyse S150 – Spinning Bike

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The Bodyse S150 – Spinning Bike trainer resistance system gives you the experience of a realistic, real-road feeling while the built-in push-down emergency brake will bring the bike to an immediate stop. It also has a 4-Way adjustable seat and 2-way adjustable handlebars adapt to any user type. Keep track of your performance and monitor your progress. The LCD monitor tracks your time, speed, distance, calories burned and heart rate.


Brand: Bodyse
Condition: New
Weight: 24kg
Maximum User Weight: 120kg
Dimensions: 104 x 22 x 78cm (LxWxH)
Display Screen: Yes
Flywheel weight: 6kg
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

63 reviews for Bodyse S150 – Spinning Bike

  1. Mike

    I got this delivered last week. Finally assembled and tried it. The assembly was easy. Riding it in front of my computer playing cycling class online feel like in the cycling gym, lol. The size is compact, great for my tiny apartment.Anyway, I am very happy with the purchase. Would recommend it for the price!

  2. Alex Olsen

    Well, I am certainly happy with our purchase. I am not a particularly small (nor fit) person. At 5’0″ I’m 195 lbs (my husband 6’4″ and a nudge over 300) we searched and scoured the internet for a decent stationary bike that would support us and not cost a small fortune.This one is great!! No back and forth wiggle as we ride. Which says a lot given our stature. Purchased this one in August 2020. Only complaint is the discomfort in the seat in the beginning, but this has lessened markedly with regular usage. My husband has already lost over 20 lbs! (Grr.. YAY!!!)The adjustments are somewhat easy to manuver. Pull and twist knobs for the handle and seat height (sometimes I struggle with these). An easy knob to adjust the torque and to push to stop the wheels from turning, making the dismount much more pleasant. Sturdy support bar across the middle that I can actually stand upon and not go cascading to the floor.I like the duel usage handle-bars making this a comfortable ride whether sitting upon the seat, or in ‘standing-cycle’ position. I can easily ride with ‘no-hands’ and still have the stability to stay on!The pedals are a little intimidating (que child-hood shin-shattering memories) but the grip they provide is fantastic! The foot holding cages are removable (we took them off due to husband’s size 13 shoe cramped the knees upon cage usage). Be sure to check which pedal is which (*YES! Left and Right side matter on this one since you are using it in a cycling motion! Follow the directions, lol).All in all, a pleasant addition to the house and beyond glad to purchase! Great value! Great bike! Thanks homebikes!

  3. Delaney Horne

    Me and my wife bought this bike for our downstairs gym. It has worked great easy to install. I only had a problen with one of the pedals I emailed them and they where quick to respond to my issue and fix it quick.

  4. Keenan Edwards

    This was very easy to assemble. It isnt the sturdiest ive ever been on but for the money spent it is no issue at all. Its easy to move around the room and keep out of the way when not in use. I would recommend this product to anyone not looking to spend a fortune but still needing something quality.

  5. Malik Leon

    LOVE this bike!! Took a bit to get out of the box, mainly because the company did not skimp on the packaging/taping of the material! They included a bag with all of the items needed to put the bike together. I’ve used the bike for 2 weeks, and it’s absolutely solid. Highly recommend!!

  6. Gabriella Howell

    This bike is great! Very easy to assemble as well. They provide all the tools and instructions you need. It took us less than 10 minutes to put it together. Customer service was extremely helpful and solved my issue immediately. I definitely recommend both product and seller!!

  7. Deandre Obrien

    Setup is super easy! Comes with all of the hardware / tools you need. Feels very sturdy. Havent taken it for a full ride yet but it feels very smooth for the 2 minutes I rode it in my flip flops lolThe seat isnt anything super exciting. Its cushy, but just as awful as any other spin bike I’ve ever ridden so 🤷🏽‍♀️Definitely worth it!

  8. Hayden Hubbard

    It’s a great bike and you get what you pay for frankly a little better. The seat could be a little bigger for us wide buttocks people lol. Now the pedals, you have to pedal with shoes or you see in for a hurting. I don’t like my feet restrained so I flipped the pedal over to pedal without the foot brace

  9. Paul Dunlap

    Very simple exercise bike, does not have a free wheel so when you stop pedaling be prepared for the pedals to try and keep spinning. No frills but nothing extra to break or stop working. Does have a speedometer/rpm/calories burned screen but it is also very simple a couple buttons no way to set height weight or body type so calories burned probably doesn’t show true.

  10. Erik Lloyd

    Arrived on time and packaged well. Took less than 30 minutes to set up even with cats being so super helpful. Suits me great at 5’5″ and lots of room to go higher or lower on seat and bars. Very stylish, quiet, and smooth. Works perfect with my LesMills on demand 🙂 Very glad I purchased this bike.

  11. Morgan Brandt

    Everyone in the house uses it! Even the teens that come hang with my sons!

  12. Chana Stewart

    Excellent bike for the price. Very stable. The seat is very comfortable. The scanner works great. The pedals are good. I read the complaints before purchasing and from my experience, all gym equipment has to be put on mats and/or rugs to stabilize them when in use. The pedals have to be screwed on all the way to secure them. The scanner attachment has to be fully plugged together with the part attached to the bike and snapped together. I keep the tension in the middle and ride it fast for a cardio work-out. The instructions are great except for the way you put the bottom bar with the wheels on. I had to change it a couple of times to see how the wheels worked. It does not roll in the closed bike position for storage, only when the bike is open. The directions should have explained that better. It came very well packaged. I have it on gym mats and an extra thin rug in the front to get the best stability. Very happy with this purchase and better than I expected.

  13. Cyrus Chung

    I just bought this spin bike and is amazing! Delivery was within a few days of purchase. At first it was hard to take the iron peace off from the bottom of the rear side of the bike, but this was only because we were using the wrong side of the tool. It’s pretty steady for the price, but of course there are other bikes with better quality. I was trying to stay whiting a small budget. I also bought an iPad mount to watch movies or music videos while working out.Again overall this is a great product and totally recommend it.

  14. Charlie Harrell

    First, understand that I am 85, so I see some thing differently from the younger set. I am close to 10 pounds overweight and I think that’s part of my dissatisfaction with the comfort/fit of the seat. I am sure it can be exchanged and will shop one day soon for a more friendly feel. The handlebars can be adjusted up and down for good fit, but they cannot be rotated to fit your comfort range, and, again due to the difference in our ages only, where I would like them to be is not what fits the younger and or more fit crowd, but I really like the bike and it will serve me well in helping to keep me mobile through the coming years. I am presently pedaling 15 minutes twice per day, and feel I will about double that in a fairly short time with my daily schedule. I looked at several bikes before settling on this one and I am very glad that I found it.

  15. Blaze Waters

    Bike is awesome. Seat is comfortable. Not too hard to put together, did by myself in about 15 min. Note the left pedal screws on counterclockwise and right pedal screws on clockwise. I thought it was broken but customer service answered me within hours on how to put it on properly. Highly recommend if you are looking for an inexpensive version of an exercise bike. I plan to use this with the peloton app.

  16. Chaz Estes

    I had this assembled in about 30 minutes without assistance and had a few miles logged within the hour. I opted for this bike because of the price – I wasn’t ready to spend hundreds and this was a great option as a starter. I will be getting a gel seat pad, though, for the longer spins that i do.

  17. Edwin Stewart

    I’ve always loved cycling and wanted a bike to add to my home gym. The bike came on time in it’s packaging and everything needed to put it together was included. There were some small errors in the directions as far as spelling, grammar, etc but I was still able to figure it out on my own. Fairly easy to assemble. Took me probably 30 mins. Had my first ride and in less than an hour the foot pedal came off. I just didn’t have it on tight enough or had the proper alignment with the threading. I kept the tools close by so I can be sure to tighten the bolts often. After that pedal issue I’ve not had any other troubles. The bike is VERY quiet and VERY comfortable. I like the tracking monitor and the cages fit my shoes great. It’s small and compact and easy to move from room to room. The price for this bike is excellent and it is a MUST if you are looking to spend less than £500. For reference I am 5’3″ and 120lbs and the adjustments are ideal for my size.

  18. Violet Wilkerson

    I was missing going to the gym to do a spin class so I tried this bike. My husband put it together, he said that was pretty easy. Sturdy, easy to adjust seating and handlebars, easy to adjust tension on wheel. Overall great purchase, now I can do my spin class in my own home! Would recommend this as a purchase.

  19. Ean Barry

    Great ride. Takes a bit to get used too. When u standup while cycling it tends to rock more towards the side your pushing down on. Resistance works well. Seat is adjustable along with the handles and you can adjust the foot pedels to for your shoe.

  20. Caiden Morton

    Super sturdy. It is totally worth the money. It has all metal material which I really like. In my experience the ones made of plastic, or partially plastic, brake or bend easily. It was easy to assemble too, 90 minutes tops.

  21. Laila Walker

    Extremely easy to put together, sturdy, easy to move around, and looks nice. Of course it isn’t as comfy as a couch it’s a spin bike, so if you’re looking for that sort of comfort, well go and sit on the couch. Great spin bike for the price. Just like spin class. Sent to a friend

  22. Hadley Stephenson

    Overall a great cycle at a great price. Assembly was fairly straightforward and took less than 30 minutes to unpack and be able to ride. Instructions are not great, however a little common sense and knowledge of how a bike should look/function helps a lot.Cycle is very quiet, not hardly a sound even with the friction pad engaged.LCD works well so far, tracks everything it says it does…even comes with the batteries.I’m not sure why some people had issues with installing the pedals? Both pedals and cranks were clearly labeled on mine.Came with all necessary tools! Just go slow to ensure you do not cross thread any of the bolts.

  23. Marques Hart

    This is a great cycle bike for the price. It took me about 15 minutes to assemble. Has wheels on the front so it can be rolled easily to move. The resistance can be adjusted from very light to very hard. It’s pretty comfortable if you have it set correctly for your height. Over all a great cardio workout if you are looking for something other than running.

  24. Presley Whitehead

    Moves around easily from corner to corner. My friend rode it for 35 min, he’s 220lbs…held up nicelyHad for few months-long complaints.No noise and not wobbling .Big enough for curvy bodies, small enough to not be bulky

  25. Gaige Nichols

    I can’t believe the quality of this spin bike for the money I paid. It does not have the cadence or resistance that you are looking for, but none of them do! I just try to match the instructors cadence (whatever video I am using – plus my own knowledge of my capability). It has been going great!If you want to improve your ride – this is an awesome bike. I have improved on my rides 10 times over. If you want to loose weight- use this plus a great spin class. I sweat more than I would in a sauna with a sweat suit on.

  26. Averie Benjamin

    This is a pretty good bike all things considered and arrived a day early, which was pretty nice. The installation of the bike wasn’t bad. It was easier to put the bike together than it was getting it out of the box. The bike is pretty compact and fits in the corner of my bedroom.Biggest thing for me: I’m 6’1 / 205 and I was nervous the bike would be too small. Thankfully it’s not. I have room to move my legs comfortably and still have room on the seat to increase the height level if needed. I can see someone 6’3, maybe 6’4, riding this with no problem too.The bike is super quiet which was also a big thing for me. You can barely hear anything even when you have some resistance. Pretty nice if you work out early in the mornings like myself.The cages on the pedals are a little small for my feet (size 12) but it’s not really bothersome. There are claws on both sides of the pedals. I just turn them over so I don’t have to use the cages.All in all I’m happy with my purchase.

  27. Karina Kennedy

    After a month’s use of the bodyse bike, I can only say that it exceeded my expectations. Both my wife and I are pleased with the quality and stability of the bike. It was easy to assemble, has adjustments to accommodate our height and weight and is made of sturdy materials from the frame to the foot pedals. This bike is a bargain and I have stopped going to the YMCA to use an exercise bike.

  28. Erik Cisneros

    We ordered this exercise bike to use at home because of the stay at home order. Found this at reasonable price that fits my budget. It’s very easy to set up and made of great quality and durable materials to provide great supports. Seats and levels are adjustable for different people in my family, well made and works perfectly as expected!

  29. Warren Maynard

    Works great and doesn’t take up a lot of room. Four people in my household are using it due to the gyms being closed. I’ve been able to stand up and pedal and it works great.

  30. Julie Tanner

    Great Bike for the price. I would like to see the seat to be more easily adjustable.

  31. Mila Ponce

    So far I am satisfied with the stationary bike. It doesn’t feel cheap. Just perfect for the price.

  32. Carlee Knight

    I purchased this bike to do my own Spinning classes at home. Very happy with the results. I love it .

  33. Ariana Mitchell

    Works great. Had an issue with damaged parts but the manufacturer sent a new one at no cost and I got it in a few days

  34. Marlon Brandt

    Love it

  35. Violet Richards

    This exercise bike has been an excellent purchase for me. It is quiet, easy to adjust, and very sturdy!

  36. Deacon Powers

    Build and exercise

  37. Kira Rojas

    Love this bike! I recently got it and have been loving it, was really surprised how great the quality is. I had reached out to the company I bought it from because it looked like my shipment was just sitting there for almost two weeks and they where really nice and followed up with the shipping company and I got it a couple days later.

  38. Kassidy Mora

    Quiet, sturdy, stable, and comfortable seat. Because my spin studio is closed I wanted a home bike. This one is smaller and doesn’t take a lot of space which I like.

  39. Gretchen Li

    I’m going to use for personal physical health

  40. Abbey Brandt

    This bike was pretty easy to assemble. Only took me about 40 minutes. Did a little test in my flip flops and all was good. Can’t wait to use for the Les Mills on-demand spin classes! I am one happy gal!

  41. Kristen Cohen

    I love this bike! I am new to spin and cycling so I didn’t want to spend thousands of £ on a peloton bike but wanted to be able to work out every day at home. This bike is super easy to assemble, easy to use, and is a comfortable ride. So far I am very impressed with everything and do not have a thing to complain about. great purchase!

  42. Alberto Bailey

    Wife wanted new exercycle, wife got new exercycle. She is very happy with the product. Case closed, our thanks to the bodyse crew for getting the product to us promply.

  43. Sofia Mendez

    Sturdy , comfortable. I’m a big guy I feel very comfortable and looks very durable. Great price

  44. Oliver Schultz

    Set up was pretty straightforward. Easy to move around. Adjustable seat and handlebars, as well as balancing knobs underneath the bike. I spend a good portion of my work out standing/off the seat. The bike is very stable. I would prefer a narrower seat. Awesome bike for the price!

  45. Jamar Cochran

    I just got this bike (way ahead of the shipping schedule!!) and got it assembled in less than an hour. The bike seems sturdy and easy to use. I’m a novice, so I don’t know much about these bikes but I’m excited to get started using it!

  46. Aliyah Hardin

    This bike is sturdy, easy to use, and has a small footprint. Those were the most important factors to me, and it really delivers! Had a bit of trouble tightening the seat at assembly, but kept at it and it worked. Since then, no issues, and I’m riding it every day. Good buy! So glad to have it. Highly recommend!

  47. Uriah Hartman

    I looked around and several models. I wanted to get a good quality exercise bike at a reasonable price, and I found this VIG body model. I am extremely impressed with the build quality. It is very sturdy and highly adjustable. I am 6’4″ tall and have no problem riding it, and I can adjust it so my 7 year old daughter fits it as well. One of the things I like the most is that this bike is EXTREMELY quiet! I am able to exercise while everyone else in the house is asleep. I am very happy with my purchase and look forward to putting many more miles on the bike!

  48. Lukas Copeland

    I just started cycling and needed a decent bike to get started at home. With so many products to choose from I decided to get this one. I love it so far after almost 2 months using it 3-4 time a week. Its quite and very stable. The tension is perfect for me and so even as I adjust it to my needs. I love love it!! The only thing I wish for is a drink holder. Excellent product.

  49. Sara Osborne

    This was my best quarantine purchase! It was so easy to put together! It is now a staple in our home that doesn’t take up too much space. It’s on two wheels so it’s easy to move around the and not destroy the floors! My partner and I both use it. It’s easy to get on to and it’s very comfortable! It’s also very good looking for a home gym piece. Very reasonably priced too!

  50. Lilianna Cowan

    I think it works good for an indoor trainer. I’m 5-10 330 lb and this works absolutely great. I love to ride bikes so I definitely like having my bikes in certain positions I only wish this went up just one more notch in the seat. The only issues that I’ve had is there’s a slight squeak now. Nothing that’s going to wake up someone but if you’re working without headphones you’ll hear it. And 2 there is maybe a 2 mm difference in one of the legs that is by far the most frustrating part having at rocking a little. But nothing that interrupts my workout. For the price I would definitely buy again

  51. April Marsh

    The instructions to put the bike together were very clear and easy to follow. It seems to be pretty good quality for the price. On first ride, the seat did come lose and was moving side to side slightly. Most likely was me not tightening it down enough when installing. I stopped and tightened it back up and it has help up since. The tool kit that comes with it is handy to keep close for things like this! The seat stabilizer bar seems to wobble just a bit, but nothing concerning. The seat is pretty uncomfortable, but then again what bike seat isn’t. Once you are consistent with riding your bit gets used to the seat anyway. Overall impressed with this bike so far!

  52. Bobby Herman

    One of my favorite homebikes purchases! I bought this bike right before quarantine and I’m so glad I did! Considering I’ve been cooped up in the house for months with nothing to do, I’ve been binge watching a ton of shows and biking my way through it all! My brain may be rotting, but my body certainly isn’t! This bike is very sturdy & easy to assemble. I definitely recommend it!

  53. Alice Stephens

    Nice and sturdy, excellent price, delivery to my door and it’s was easy to assemble. Would recommend making handle bars adjustable. Runs smooth. Does all the basics well. I’ll see how it goes over time. Thank you for this product.

  54. Alisson Shepard

    The bike is excellent! My mom bought it for home exercise during the pandemic, and has no complaints about it. She was able to assemble and move it on her own, and it’s extremely straightforward to use. The bike is sturdy and adjustable in the right places. No question about it, 5 stars all around.

  55. Kasey Sparks

    This bike is amazing! It arrived on time, was an easy set up, and works just fine. The seat is uncomfortable, but after using it for the first 2 nights, I have gotten used to it. I use it every single night and so no regret this purchase at all !

  56. Lillian Parrish

    I got this as a way of getting a little exercise during the winter while I’m stuck inside. It seems to be well made. I didn’t put it together – my husband did but he said it wasn’t too difficult. I’m happy with my purchase.

  57. Juan Hayes

    Very easy to assemble. I was weary because the reviews about the peddles caused concern but I am glad I placed the order. I would have given 5 stars for sturdiness but I have to keep leveling the dial to balance the bike. Overall I love my purchase.

  58. Patrick Keller

    “The bike is very easy to assemble and all the tools that you need is included.Quality is very good too.”5 Stars

  59. Haylee Haynes

    Im sooooo satisfied with this purchase. I was sceptical when i first ordered it but when i recieved it and seen how it easy it was to assemble and how well it functioned I knew I made the right choice even being 6′ 2″ and 260lbs. This was a super hot deal for the price. Very satisfied.

  60. Ansley Macdonald

    Great quality bike

  61. Kendall Farrell

    Bike was exactly what I expected. Heavy, sturdy frame makes me feel at ease with using it in my apartment. I’m 6’2” and 210 lbs and if I treated it like a spin cycle type of big I could see it having trouble that being said my girlfriend has no problem doing peloton type of workouts on it. Great value!

  62. Allan Sharp

    Makes me sweat , work just fine !

  63. Jett Carey

    I was a little dubious about a “cheap” exercise bike, but I’ve been pleased with this! I also thought at first it was going to be a PIA to assemble, but I followed the instructions (ignore the silly english) and it didn’t take me long at all.I don’t like the shape of the seat, it’s way too wide for me and gave me sores, but I replaced it with a regular bicycle seat and it’s fine.It is super adjustable like a gym bike which is nice. It is simple in it’s resistance but turning a nob to make it harder or easier is no problem.I’m really glad I got it, and I’d recommend it to anyone.

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