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Bodyse S190 – Spinning Bike

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Your sports training has never been so accurate and controlled, with vertical adjustment handlebars and 6kg flywheel, we are introducing Bodyse S190 Spinning Bike. It has a fixed gear chain and skates felt-tip pens braking system. It comes with a safety lever for quick release of the flywheel. The Bodyse S190 has LCD display which displays Heart Rate Sensors including speed, time, distance, pulse, calories and scan.

Seat can be adjusted: Up / Down and Forward / Back


Brand: Bodyse
Condition: New
Weight: 24kg
Maximum User Weight: 125kg
Dimensions: 115.00 x 107.00 x 51.00 cm (LxWxH)
Display Screen: Yes
Flywheel weight: 6kg
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

30 reviews for Bodyse S190 – Spinning Bike

  1. Aydin Hunter

    It was fairly easy to assemble! I was able to do it by myself in 40 minutes. It meets my expectations, but it is a little tippy if you start going too fast.

  2. Niko Mosley

    This exercise bike has been an excellent purchase for me. It is quiet, easy to adjust, and very sturdy!

  3. Maddison Arnold

    Yes!!! This bike is awesome! I’m writing this review while riding it actually. Extremely quiet. Comfortable seat. Easy to assemble. Easy to adjust. I love that it can become a standing desk as well. Very lightweight so it would be easy to store in a closet or corner when not being used. I read a lot and work from home several hours of the day. This bike helps me to stay moving even when I need to be seated.

  4. Marcel Collins

    This thing is good looking, sturdy, comfortable, quiet and stable. The tray is adjustable and the side handles are a handy place to stash arms while cycling. I haven’t set up the tracking meter yet so no comment about that. I had looked at a Sharper Image product and in the end decided this was the better bike with more attractive price as well. So happy I did this. Don’t hesitate, you will love it !

  5. Hope Mueller

    I work as a teacher all day, and then I typically come home and work another 4-5 hours on the computer (either for school or for my second job). This has been sooo helpful. Instead of sitting on the couch or in my office working, I prop my laptop on the standing desk part and just pedal and work. It doesn’t take up much space, isn’t too difficult to move around, and is quite when you pedal. I’m very happy with the purchase.

  6. Isabel Cobb

    This item is sturdier than I imaged it being. Good value.

  7. Braeden Moon

    Possibly great, but the jury is not quite out. I’ve owned the bike a month and except for one issue, which I will cover later, it’s perfect. I love working with the bike, my laptop works with it, I can also read a kindle on it easily, and I can just watch TV with it. It’s really a great way to get exercise if you’re stuck at a desk much of the day.The one issue is a knocking noise. This noise seems to come and go randomly. It’s definitely inside the enclosed chain mechanism which is inaccessible. Most of the time the bike is virtually silent, but then sometimes there’s this noise. I called customer service and they said they’d send me a new bike, which is great, but then the noise went away. And then it came back and now it keeps coming and going. I can’t make up my mind if it is concerning enough. I was told I have to decide in the first 90 days if I want them to send a new bike. i’ll update my review.Update August 2016I should have updated before. Customer service sent me a new bike which works great. I use it extensively all the time. I’m very pleased and I’m changing my rating to 5.

  8. Jocelyn Cohen

    Simple to put together and love that it has the built in desk. Make sure to either have a closed drink or that it is only half full. When you tilt the desk toward you the drink tilts too.

  9. Kylee Cuevas

    I was so excited to receive the Wirk bike. While unboxing, I noticed a large crack in the plastic of the main frame on the foot adjustment. I decided to continue assembling the bike. The only issue post-assembly is I cannot move the foot adjustment lower than level 3. Since i can’t move the desk past that level it’s a little difficult to get on and off the bike and i cannot stand and work on a flat desk. Otherwise the actual bike function is perfect and comfortable!

  10. Anabel Price

    I had a person give me a donation to buy three of these bikes for our special education rooms at the high school where I work. They’re awesome from the high school boys were able to put these together for us. The special ed classes love being able to be on these. I highly recommend

  11. Vanessa Ray

    It’s was fairly easy to assemble and doesn’t take up much space. It pedals quietly and seems to be a pretty good value for the money. It doesn’t adjust quite low enough for shorter riders (I’m 5’2″) so I have to sit forward in the seat to pedal comfortably. Overall I like it. Have only had it about a month so time will tell how well it holds up.

  12. Karlie Crosby

    For how much it costs and its features, it’s a bargain. However, I actually wish there were less tension settings in regards to how hard it is to petal. The number of settings different my husband and I are is about 50. Seriously. It makes it inconvenient when he and I use the bike. I personally find the seat uncomfortable. I wish I could adjust the angle of the back of the seat so that I had better support without feeling slumped down. However, the foot pedal that brings the desk part closer or further away is awesome! It’s soooo convenient! Also, if you stop pedalling for a few seconds, you don’t lose all the data in the monitor like you do on some bikes. It is compact and will fit just about anywhere…a definite plus.

  13. Max Jordan

    Love love love this!!! I do 10 miles a day without even thinking about it. Best purchase ever!!!!!!

  14. Heath Ortiz

    works as described and allows for multitasking.

  15. Israel Floyd

    Get a good book and time flies! Also like the adjustment as I am 5′ 3″.

  16. Alejandra Valencia

    I love it cuz kept exercise at home as save money

  17. Phoenix Myers

    Great ride. Takes a bit to get used too. When u standup while cycling it tends to rock more towards the side your pushing down on. Resistance works well. Seat is adjustable along with the handles and you can adjust the foot pedels to for your shoe.

  18. Kaydence Gillespie

    Super sturdy. It is totally worth the money. It has all metal material which I really like. In my experience the ones made of plastic, or partially plastic, brake or bend easily. It was easy to assemble too, 90 minutes tops.

  19. Chloe Rojas

    Moves around easily from corner to corner. My friend rode it for 35 min, he’s 220lbs…held up nicelyHad for few months-long complaints.No noise and not wobbling .Big enough for curvy bodies, small enough to not be bulky

  20. Kyla Ward

    I can’t believe the quality of this spin bike for the money I paid. It does not have the cadence or resistance that you are looking for, but none of them do! I just try to match the instructors cadence (whatever video I am using – plus my own knowledge of my capability). It has been going great!If you want to improve your ride – this is an awesome bike. I have improved on my rides 10 times over. If you want to loose weight- use this plus a great spin class. I sweat more than I would in a sauna with a sweat suit on.

  21. Bennett Ritter

    Only used it a day, so far so good. We really liked how easy the instructions made it to put it together.

  22. Kyan Martin

    Like this very much but was missing two bolt nuts to attache the hand bar under the seat. I am using it without until I can find nuts.

  23. Joshua Mcgee

    Still happy with this purchase, if you live in an apartment I would put this on a carpet . It’s pretty quiet but it isn’t silent (hence the carpet) over all it’s incredibly convenient, pretty compact, a bit on the heavy side. Worth it for the money though.

  24. Diya Baxter

    Compact footprint, sturdy, comfortable. Only small criticism is that the area for my laptop is not wide enough to accommodate much mouse movement. I am going to see if I can find an attachable mouse tray. Otherwise, sure beats petrifying at a desk all day. I feel much better after work after using this.

  25. Jovan Duffy

    This bike is sturdy, easy to use, and has a small footprint. Those were the most important factors to me, and it really delivers! Had a bit of trouble tightening the seat at assembly, but kept at it and it worked. Since then, no issues, and I’m riding it every day. Good buy! So glad to have it. Highly recommend!

  26. Sarahi Solis

    I just started cycling and needed a decent bike to get started at home. With so many products to choose from I decided to get this one. I love it so far after almost 2 months using it 3-4 time a week. Its quite and very stable. The tension is perfect for me and so even as I adjust it to my needs. I love love it!! The only thing I wish for is a drink holder. Excellent product.

  27. Selena Hamilton

    I got this delivered last week. Finally assembled and tried it. The assembly was easy. Riding it in front of my computer playing cycling class online feel like in the cycling gym, lol. The size is compact, great for my tiny apartment.Anyway, I am very happy with the purchase. Would recommend it for the price!

  28. Ismael Khan

    As a student, this is great for when I’m forced to sit and study for long periods. It’s not easy to move on carpet, but it’s still manageable. It was easy to assemble with the instruction book and it took about an hour.

  29. Jayden Bolton

    I have 2 of these, one at home and one in my office at work – I love them! Great way to get in exercise (and not even realize it) while working on a computer.

  30. Gaven Porter

    I looked around and several models. I wanted to get a good quality exercise bike at a reasonable price, and I found this VIG body model. I am extremely impressed with the build quality. It is very sturdy and highly adjustable. I am 6’4″ tall and have no problem riding it, and I can adjust it so my 7 year old daughter fits it as well. One of the things I like the most is that this bike is EXTREMELY quiet! I am able to exercise while everyone else in the house is asleep. I am very happy with my purchase and look forward to putting many more miles on the bike!

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