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Bodyse Y – Exercise Bike

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Use up to 2 times a week. Want to get in shape from the comfort of home? Bodyse Y is perfect! In addition, its ergonomic handlebars provide comfort while a 5-function display tracks your training. Bodyse Y also helps to lose weight. This device is recommended to make harmony between your body muscles especially the lower area in your body near the thighs and feet.


Brand: Bodyse
Condition: New
Weight: 34kg
Maximum User Weight: 125kg
Dimensions: 64x43x108cm (LxWxH)
Display Screen: Yes
Flywheel weight: 13kg

21 reviews for Bodyse Y – Exercise Bike

  1. Karina Kennedy

    This is a great bike, especially for the price. I’m not a cyclist, but I love taking spin classes and this bike is very similar to one in a studio.When it first arrived, there was a problem with the seat. I let Homebikes know, and they sent me a new seat two days later. Excellent customer service! Would recommend this bike.

  2. Johnny Cooper

    This is a great bike for the price! Easy to put together and felt very well. Only moves a little bit when you write it. Very small and compact easy to move what the front wheels. I definitely recommend this bike.

  3. Erik Cisneros

    This bike does the job if you are looking to cycle in doors. The frame/wheeles/pedals are sturdy and it was not too difficult to put together. The only negative thing is the distance tracker is SUPER CHEAP. Very light and not advanced but besides that, a very nice ride

  4. Warren Maynard

    Works Great – high stability, fairly easy to assemble, tools included

  5. Julie Tanner

    The exercise bike has been a great purchase. It was easy to assemble (only a few steps), it’s comfortable, the resistance knob works well, and I get a great workout on it. I had a minor issue with one of the pedals but contacting customer service was easy and they helped me right away. I would recommend this exercise bike.

  6. Mila Ponce

    I’m very pleased with this product It doesn’t take up the space in my apartment, easy to manage, it’s also very quiet and sturdy when i’m spinning just won’t bother the people from the ground floor. Can’t ask for more with what I paid.

  7. Carlee Knight

    Very pleased with my purchase. Its perfect for 30 min fasted cardio in the am. Fits in my room and living room. Easy to move around. Put on my spinning class on the TV and it was perfect!!!!

  8. Ariana Mitchell

    I love it cuz kept exercise at home as save money

  9. Marlon Brandt

    I weight 225 at 6′. Its a comfortable bike. One of the pedals came off after a couple of uses but nothing that can’t be fixed.

  10. Violet Richards

    Anything better than this is out of my budget ! It does the job ! Since the seat mount is universal you can upgrade the seat anytime you want ! I’m using the original seat

  11. Deacon Powers

    Plate in transport a screw was stripped and was a bit complicated to take off, no issues once insert came out

  12. Kira Rojas

    I can’t believe the quality of this spin bike for the money I paid. It does not have the cadence or resistance that you are looking for, but none of them do! I just try to match the instructors cadence (whatever video I am using – plus my own knowledge of my capability). It has been going great!If you want to improve your ride – this is an awesome bike. I have improved on my rides 10 times over. If you want to loose weight- use this plus a great spin class. I sweat more than I would in a sauna with a sweat suit on.

  13. Kassidy Mora

    It is great for a basic stationary bike. I got it for my husband and myself. I do wish the seat could move closer. I wish it had a place to set a tablet or book while we used it. Overall I would buy again and i enjoy using it. The last run I went on was so much easier since I have been keeping up with my workouts with this bike.

  14. Gretchen Li

    Like this very much but was missing two bolt nuts to attache the hand bar under the seat. I am using it without until I can find nuts.

  15. Kristen Cohen

    This is a fantastic exercise bike: great price, very sturdy. The aftermarket service is especially good. A part did not fit particularly well. I emailed the contact (David) and received a response within a few minutes. Yes, a few minutes! A new part was sent out immediately. David is very professional, efficient, and a tremendous problem-solver. Thank you, David!

  16. Elliana Skinner

    I set it up in the middle of my living room and you cant even tell its there. It’s built so well, tiny yet sleek. The design makes it look like a $2000 peloton bike. The price of this bike is worth it! It’s design is so well put together, doesn’t move while your biking at high speeds. My only complain would be the seat, my butt hurts after 5 minutes of riding it. So i will be buying an extra cushion. If the cushion were extra plumpy i would give it 5 stars.

  17. Sofia Mendez

    It shipped to my house quickly. It took about ten minutes to put together even with the awkward instructions. It is decent for the price. The resistance dial works by squishing a cushion against the metal wheel to slow it. This will need replacing at some point. It has wheels on the front of it that help you move it. It is small and convenient. I am not sure if the electronic monitor is accurate. It says I burn the same amount of calories at any resistance and I believe it is only counting the wheel spins. But it’s small and sturdy and a perfect fit for my apartment.

  18. Oliver Schultz

    I got this delivered last week. Finally assembled and tried it. The assembly was easy. Riding it in front of my computer playing cycling class online feel like in the cycling gym, lol. The size is compact, great for my tiny apartment.Anyway, I am very happy with the purchase. Would recommend it for the price!

  19. Camilla Wells

    As a mom with a school-aged child and a full-time job, it’s impossible for me to find time to go to the gym. However I know I need to add some exercise into my daily routine. I did some research and found this spin bike; it’s easy to assemble and it doesn’t take much space. The bike itself is stable and the ride is smooth. I also want to praise the excellent customer service, they answered my questions promptly and I am very happy with the purchase. Now I can ride the bike while watching my favorite TV shows and feel good that I am not a couch potato anymore 🙂

  20. Junior Davila

    I have a friend who is a Spin instructor so I asked her before buying and she said “go for it!”. I’m really glad I did! It was fairly easy to assemble, although I needed my hubbys strong hands for some of it. It rides like a bike at spin class so it’s just what I need without spending 2k. The only draw back is the tension can be a little tricky to change but I’m getting used to that too. I call it a win!

  21. Jamar Cochran

    5 stars after having owned it roughly 1 hour. Very easy to assemble (took longer to unpack than it did to put together), in spite of the instructions being in broken English. The pictures in the guide are mostly adequate for common sense to take over.I’m a relatively large person at around 6’4″ and 280lbs, and it feels solid as a rock. Only exception being the seat adjustment. You will have to crank that down tighter than you think you should, but it didn’t break so I guess it’s built that way.Once everything was dialed in I immediately put 30 minutes in on it and it didn’t budge or flex.

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