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Bodyse F1 – Foldable Exercise Bike

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The Bodyse FB1 exercise bicycle is perfect for cardio. The bike is smooth & quiet. A range of adjustable resistance meets your requirement about the exercise intensity. You can also monitor your distance, speed, time, and calories to see how hard you working. Place the Fitness Exercise Bike anyway with easy due to its slim foldable design which makes it very convenient for small space.


Brand: Bodyse
Condition: New
Weight: 10.8kg
Maximum User Weight: 120kg
Dimensions:65 x 40 x 110 cm (LxWxH)
Display Screen: Yes
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

82 reviews for Bodyse F1 – Foldable Exercise Bike

  1. Jamar Cochran

    This is a gift for my mother, mother’s day. Because the epidemic rarely goes out to exercise every day, I gave her a bicycle. The assembly instructions of the bicycle are clear and easy to understand, but the bicycle is very heavy and stable, so it’s best to use it with a person’s help when installing it! With a display, it can display exercise time, burning card speed distance pulse

  2. Aliyah Hardin

    I love this bike. I wasn’t sure if I would like the resistance bands, but they are nice for working arms while cycling. I wanted something that wasn’t so cumbersome to move, or bulky or indoors. I am glad I made the purchase. I assembled the bike, but my husband had to tighten screws, and assist with adding the bars. Overall, I would highly recommend this bike.

  3. Lukas Copeland

    This is a great product if you want a bike that is easy to store, easy to move around, and easy to set up. You can make your work out as difficult as you like or as easy you like. It is definitely worth the money. I know some of the previous reviews said that if you are tall it would not be a good bike for you, but I am 6 feet tall and fine no problems with it at all.

  4. Meghan Wu

    No need to explain that it was challenging to find any sport equipment available this crazy days. I’m so glad this bike was available and been delivered super quickly.It’s a fine exercise at home, due all other gyms are close. Helps me improve my body shape and tune muscles.

  5. Cael Mayer

    I just bought the bike and got it put together and began using it this week.Easy to assemble yourself in less than 1.5 hours.Drive system very smooth and quite.Good adjustability. Very happy with the way the bike has performed. It has helped me to regain some range of motion and keep knee loose.

  6. Eliezer Haney

    This is it for compact and convenient. It is very quiet. Sturdy. Has 3 angles; recumbent, upright and standing. Resistance works really well. Has a display that tells you all you need to know including heart rate monitor. Easy to move around.

  7. Hadassah Lang

    Perfect. It’s quiet, it fold up to take up very little space, works great. I’m terrible at putting things together and it was really easy for me to assemble.

  8. Dario Olsen

    Easy to assemble. Very portable and foldable. You can roll it with a wheel and doesn’t take too much space. Good choice for a home gym. The monitor can detect your heart rate while working out. Everything looks good so far.

  9. Lamont Rubio

    Excellent exercise bike. Recommend. Well made, good quality. Must be good value for money in comparison to other more expensive bikes. Very pleased with my purchase.

  10. Brynn Benjamin

    It’s very quiet, I like it! It has a comfortable cushioned seat. And it tracks your speed, mileage, heart rate. And it has a timer. It doesn’t require much space, it can even be folded for storage, and it says in place. Its a good price, and was a very good purchase. And was easy to control.

  11. Chance Preston

    This is absolutely perfect for a small affordable home gym. Very easy to put together. There is just one handle that did not go on tightly no matter what we did. I love the arm exercise attachment.

  12. Jamal Carpenter

    This is a great buy. Relatively easy to assemble. Excellent instructions. Excellent fit and finish. Very sturdy and well constructed. Works superbly. Monitor fully functional in all modes. Easily transportable with wheels on front support bar. Great price for a quality bike like this. express delivery in 2 days. Heartily recommend.

  13. Esperanza Taylor

    Love it! Very nice quality esp. for the price. Feels Stable and resistance is good. I have used a stationary bike in the past and this workout is comparable. Theres a good amount of position change between the recumbent vs cycle positions. The armbands are a nice addition and work well. Only complaint is I wish the seat was a little softer but I would probably say that on any bike I was on. Bike moves smoothly when its folded up to be moved around. Also its VERY quiet. Got this as a way to start exercising again and its perfect!

  14. Aspen Macias

    This bike is way better then I expected. It does everything I need it to do. It was a great buy, I got it on cyber monday and it even came earlier than expected. It was a gift and husband got home before me and opened it. He does love it.

  15. Areli Flowers

    Husband put it together with no problem. It works as described it is very quite. Love that you can keep up with your time, calories burned and your heart rate. So glad I came across this when searching for a exercise bike, definitely worth it and would buy again

  16. Jorden Caldwell

    Not easy to assemble with a 4-yr old around but it was quick lol. Not bad. Small little bike def has a kick, all the right settings and the resistant bands are dope. Wish we could have a way to set the resistance but it’s good.

  17. Kelsie Lowe

    This is a nice little piece of workout equipment. Just needed something small but durable and well built to get some cardio in. This is great, assembled in 35 min or so, wasn’t difficult at all. Well worth the price as compared to others. Will update again after a month or so.

  18. Adolfo Blevins

    It is definitely an easy-to-assemble exercise bike. The seller kindly puts several parts together to make it easier for me to assemble. I have used this bike for more than one week treating it as my weapon to cut off my fat. It helps me awake my body every morning and resistance level makes me feel like going back to the gym. Anyway, it is highly recommended to get such a nice exercise bike during those unprecedented periods!

  19. Delaney Horne

    The perfect exercise bike! I was able to put it together by myself in less than 30 minutes & only used the tools that came with the bike. It’s super quiet & is very easy to adjust and move around. Highly recommended!

  20. Malik Leon

    I decided to buy this bike because I can’t access to the gym around half year due to the Covid-19. At this moment, I need exercise, so I decide to buy a bike. I searched difference kind of bikes, but most of them are really expensive, or the quality is not good, but this bike is better than I expected.The quality of this bike is good for this price. It’s very easy to assemble, and they provide a clear assembling instruction. I only tool around half hour to assemble. You can adjust the resistance you want while moving, and it can records the distance, time, and calories I burn. You can adjust the seat , so it is really suitable for everyone. This bike is sturdy and doesn’t wobble while riding.One thing I want to mention is this bike it is perfect size, not too big, and really light, and it does not take up much space and easy to storage! All the parts are working well. I am more than satisfied with the value for money.

  21. Gabriella Howell

    I wish I purchased this a long time ago. This bike is affordable and sturdy. I am heavily overweight and after less than a week I feel much stronger at only the first level. The arm resistance bands are a great bonus that really work the core. After 15-20 minutes I feel exercised yet energized for some yoga or weight work. I’m 5’4 and am barely able to straighten my legs so I can see how this would be an issue for anyone taller. It’s compact which is perfect for apartment living. It is a little annoying to fold up and back constantly, so I just leave it in the corner of my living room ready for use at any time. Putting it together was also a bit annoying but came with clear and easy instructions and tools. I took my sweet time and assembled it in 1hr but it can definitely be done in less. Shipping was also quick! It arrived 4 days after ordering which was 3 days before expected. If you’re thinking of ordering this bike, do it!

  22. Deandre Obrien

    I’m a cyclist and was looking for a compact (and moveable) exercise bike for days when it’s inconvenient to get outside, I don’t have time for a long ride, or the weather isn’t good for a ride. I could not be more pleased with this bike.I’m 5′ 11″ and about 200 pounds and it’s plenty sturdy. But besides that, the seat sits up high enough, it’s great to have the dual upright and recumbent positions, the seat is nice (I’d prefer a slimmer seat more like my road bike, but I’ve gotten used to this one and it’s fine), the back support is good for when I want to read while pedaling, and the resistance is good. I was concerned that maybe, since I ride seriously, that 8 settings for resistance might not be enough. But it’s plenty to get a good ‘ride’ in. The exercise handles are a nice surprise – they’re great for working your upper body some, and you can come up with a bunch of different exercises to use them for. I’d call them a complete bonus.It is not difficult to assemble, but it does take some time. That’s the only reason I gave that 4 stars instead of 5. The only change I’d suggest they make is, have a spring-loaded lever to use to change the position (upright/recumbent) or collapse it for storage. It can be a bit of a chore to unscrew the setting lever all the way to adjust it – but it is NOT a reason not to buy this bike. You’ll be happy with it.

  23. Hayden Hubbard

    The assemblage of this product is not difficult. I am a not very handy person. I got it together in 2 hours by myself. The directions are very good. A difficulty was holding the hand bars in place while screwing them in. The bike is small. There is not much distance between seat and pedals regardless of adjustment. Because it is relatively light in weight and the stabilisers are not very wide, the bike is rather unsteady getting on and off of it. This is somewhere between an upright and recumbent bike. The back piece is Very slightly cushioned. A nice plus is that the directions include useful fitness information. It is very quiet. In general, the quality of the product can be gauged by reflecting on the price.

  24. Paul Dunlap

    The bike was very easy to put together. It is stable and feels safe to use. It has been a great way for exercise inside. It takes up very little space in our RV as we travel. It folds up into s small unit to store out of the way. We are very pleased with our purchase.

  25. Sonia Juarez

    I purchased this at the beginning of the pandemic, knowing that my regular gym would be closed for months. The reviews I read were clear and I hope you get something from mine as well. I didn’t assemble this, but I watched. And it was just as many reviewers said: instructions were clear, all the parts were there, tools were included. This is a very quiet bike, and sturdy. I am 5’1” and the fit is good for me. The seat is very comfortable. Gears operate smoothly. I really like the foot straps that hold your feet in place. The bike does fold up with a turn of a knob. But it looks like for now, this bike will be in use daily.

  26. Karina Kennedy

    My whole family loves to exercise and ride bikes. We can’t get to the gym as much as we would like to and we have a smallHouse and not enough room for lots of exercise equipment. This bike is amazing. Putting it together was a cinch, all the screws and hardware were all in place all we had to do was tighten them all was done in 15 minutes and ready to ride. It has an ergonomic PU leather padded seat that totally helps with pressure points in the tail bone from sitting on the seat. The seat itself has a cushioned back rest which also gives you stability when in upright mode and protects your back as well. It is a foldable and adjustable seat to give you your best comfortable work out. Maximum weight for the bike is 275 lbs. it also comes with a digital monitor and heart rate reader. LCD display Heart rate sensor,and also comes with a handy phone/iPad holder so that you can watch music or a work out or just FaceTime as well. When the bike is fully extended it is 41.7Hx29.9W. But when this belt drive mechanism bike is fully folded it is 53.1Hx12.2W. It can easily fit in a closet or under a bed. No worry about a big cumbersome eye sore in the room. My favorite part about the bike is that it comes with arm resistance bands for a full body work out, while you are peddling you work your arms out at the same time. I work out at 4:30am and 930pm so the fact that it’s smooth and quiet makes me very happy, I don’t have to worry about waking up the kids or my husband. I can work out and then just pop in the shower and go. When my husband wakes up he just shifts the bike to his liking and adjusts the seat height and he does his ride/work out. The whole family is able to enjoy this bike.

  27. Johnny Cooper

    This is easy to assemble and it’s very sturdy and comfortable to use. It has heart beat measurements from the handle. It has phone or pad holder which can hold your iPad while doing exercises on it. Also, it’s magnetic control which makes it easier to adjust and safe for small kids who likes touch wheels while it’s spinning. Overall, very good value for the price!

  28. Erik Cisneros

    I’ve wanted a workout bike for so long to use at home. I’ve committed to sitting on this while I’m watching any type of television show and working out instead of just sitting on the couch. I am at that age where I need to burn calories everyday. This has really helped to increase circulation in my legs and feet. It was incredibly easy to assemble, and it’s very sturdy. I love how it monitors your progress. The seat is very comfortable, and it’s adjusts perfectly. The pedaling is very smooth and quiet.

  29. Julie Tanner

    Great bike! Super convenient to put together, use, and put away. Love that it has the handles so I can work on my arms while getting cardio in. My one and only suggestion for future models would to be to have some kind of strap or connection that would allow the bike to stay firmly shut when closed up because when I try to carry it to put it away, it starts to slip open and can be a bit inconvenient.

  30. Mila Ponce

    I typically don’t do reviews but my wife loves this bike! Initially I bought this to help keep her athletic spirit in tact. She dutifully and lovingly dedicates much of her time indoors caring for my dementia inflicted mother which leaves her little to no outdoor activities. Set up was simple enough, instructions were clear to follow. The monitor shows your time, calories burned, your speed, distance, and your pulse. Extremely lightweight, easy to use and conveniently folds up for out of the way daily storage! Glides smooth on hard floors, not so much on carpet. Seat is comfortable with a backrest. I would caution leaning back too far being how lightweight it is, could possibly tilt backward. The manual has helpful health information, exercise moves and tips. The resistance bands attached are an added bonus, allows you to work on your upper body strength simultaneously with your cardio. Has a space for your phone or tablet, could use an added holder somewhere for your water bottle. A remarkable exercise bike for the price. Thank you and great job Homebikes.

  31. Ariana Mitchell

    It is a light weight bike around only 50 lbs. Good for girls either on moving or assembly. It does not take up a large room. You can even put it in your bedroom even if you live in a house or apartment with several other people. I would recommend getting help from your friend or roommate to assemble it. It is fairly easy to assemble and would only cost you 10-20 mins. But with your friend holding it while put it altogether, things would be much easier.It is also surprisingly stable even if it is not as heavy as the ones at gyms. It could easily hold a guy with probably 200 lbs weight as well. Different from common stationary bike, this one comes with resistance band so I would call it multifunctinoal. I can also monitor my heart beat while putting my hand on the medal on the handles. All the data would be shown on the monior including your heart beats, time, calories and etc.It is also competitive on its price. Good choice to stay fit during quarantine.

  32. Marlon Brandt

    Bought this for my mother who isn’t elderly but isn’t young either. I assembled it for her. Didn’t take more than 30 mins. I actually assembled it in my house then brought it over to her. That’s how easy to carry and move it is. However it’s sturdy and really stays in place. My mom has already lost 15 pounds and has made it part of her daily routine.

  33. Kristen Cohen

    Great product. Im 300 lbs and the bike holds me with no problem. Great quality.

  34. Elliana Skinner

    I really love how this work out equipment. So far this is probably the favorite one I’ve ever purchased. I was worry that it won’t be stable as much because I did ordered one before from homebikes and it didn’t work well. So I’m a bit worried that it’ll happen again. But it didn’t. The bike is fully stabled and I can work out as much as I can’t without worrying it about it.

  35. Alberto Bailey

    Had to leave a review because this bike was designed so well. They were so thoughtful in the staging of pieces. No bags of screws and nuts. They placed the screws, washers and parts where they needed to be which made assembly intuitive. They even put rubber bands on tricky runaway screws so you didn’t waste time playing align the screw. So clever. It’s a sturdy, very clean design, and affordable! Super happy with this purchase.

  36. Sofia Mendez

    Assembled in about 30 minutes. The only minor issue was attaching the pedals. I needed a wrench which was not indicated in the instructions. The seat and back rest are both comfortable for at least up to 30 minutes; I have not ridden it for longer at one time. I am 5’6″ while my husband’s inseam is 32″ and we both have used this bike comfortably.

  37. Kira Rojas

    Love it!! I’ve been riding it an hour almost daily for the last month. I feel like I get a really great workout! Super quiet! My daughter has a bedroom underneath where I ride it and she can’t hear it. Comfortable to ride and I’m 5′ 1”. My son said the same and he’s 5′ 10”. I’m on it now while I write this. This is one item I’ve reviewed that I would definitely recommend for quality and price!

  38. Kassidy Mora

    I have worked out for approximately 30 minutes a day 3-4 times a week for a month now and can honestly say that it was a good purchase for what I spent. I walk about 3-5 mile stretches for my main exercise, but wanted a low impact machine for indoor use. This Ativafit cycle was easy to assemble and is just portable enough to move to different rooms when folded up. Takes up very little space. I did buy and aftermarket gel seat to go on top because the seat is a little stiff. The bike feels like it will last a long time for my amount of use.

  39. Gretchen Li

    Had it assembled in 10 min. Nice and quiet. Love the adjustment options power wise, seat wise and sitting up or recumbent. Awesome deal.

  40. Oliver Schultz

    Assembly was complicated, but after that this bike is great! Easy to move around, sturdy to ride, and the resistance bands are nifty too! I didn’t need a ton of features on the screen, just the basics so this was perfect. Great price for what you get!

  41. Junior Davila

    Good bike, better value than the really cheap ones on here I think. Gone for about ten rides so far and no issues or wobbling. Developed a knocking pretty early but went away after I tightened screws and hasn’t come back

  42. Arthur Torres

    This is a really nice bike. It rides quiet and smooth. The back of the seat folds down, and the entire bike folds up to make it very convenient to store. The only thing I’m skeptical about is the calorie counter. Every time my right foot goes around it adds 0.2 calories no matter what adjustment I have it set to. That seems quite generous. So in 25 minutes I burned 411 calories. I wish that were true. My Fitbit said I burned 79 calories. I do love the convenience of the machine though. I just wish for the cost that the counter was better.

  43. Meredith Glass

    This bike is perfect for my home.I had to come up witha solution since my gym closed up due to covid. This is not big and bulky and yet very solid and sturdy. Easy to use and no noise. The front has wheels and can be moved to a porch on nice days.I find myself riding in the morning and after dinner at night extending my daily exercise.If you don’t want a big bulky piece of equipment and quality this is the bike. Very reasonably priced too.

  44. Jett Drake

    I am so happy that I made this purchase! The bike was easy to assemble and it is perfect for my small apartment.

  45. Erik Lloyd

    I purchased this bike for our home gym and I thought that I would be the only one to ride it. To my surprise my husband and daughter both use it. It is an excellent bike and it really gives you a great work out. After about 1-2 minutes I could tell the difference in my heart rate. I recommend that you start out slow and work your way up to speed, distance and how long you work out on the bike. The hand cables are an added bonus.

  46. Morgan Brandt

    I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this stationary bike. Easy to put together, took me about 45 minutes. I’ve owned it for a good month and I’ve used it five days each week and it still runs as smoothly as day one. I desperately needed some physical activity in my life after losing a lot of weight by mostly dieting. I lost a lot of muscle mass and my arms and thighs were pretty flabby. I can see the change happening because of this bike, my legs are getting more toned, even my arms. I could barely do anything on this bike when I first got it because I was so out of shape, but every day I can go longer and I’m feeling so much stronger and healthier! The resistance dial for pedaling works flawlessly. The seat is very comfortable, and I am a big fan of the handles near the seat. I recommend this to anyone looking for a great quality exercise bike to get you headed in the right direction with fitness. We have to start somewhere and this is a great step!

  47. Audrina Pitts

    This exercise bike has been a lifesaver. With the stay-at-home order in place, it’s been very helpful to have this in my home. It is small and doesn’t take up much space, which is great! I like that I can fold it for easy storage so it’s not taking up space when not in use.

  48. Yadiel Valentine

    I have only been using this machine for a few days, but so far I love it! Easy to put together and works well. The bike is very quiet while in use. It’s a bit of a chore getting it folded up and put away again, but not too bad. Highly recommend!

  49. Ignacio Skinner

    This is an excellent bike for a small space. It is very functional and easy to operate without taking up slot of space . I had an issue with assembly and the company was excellent in responding to my issue very promptly. I would highly recommend this product !

  50. Cyrus Chung

    Bought this bike so that I can get a workout in during quarantine. So glad I did it. I have used it everyday since I got it a week ago. Very convenient to hop on after work, watch some TV and get the heart pumping.Only thing that’s weird about it is I don’t think the calorie calculation is accurate. I know the average for 30min on stationary bike is about ~350, but this monitor says I’ve burned 500+ by that point. I don’t think that could be possible.Anyway, the rest of the monitor calculation is accurate and it’s fine for me, as I keep biking until I feel I’ve had a good workout – not when I’m pleased with the number of calories burned.This bike was easy to put together, I did it by myself (26 y/o female) and I have a tiny apartment but it fits well in my livingroom. It has 8 levels of resistance and I’ve been using it at levels 4, 5, 6 and I get a really good workout. I’ve only been doing it for 7 days but combined with an easy diet, I feel I’ve already built up my leg muscles.

  51. Charlie Harrell

    I bought this after a bad ankle sprain made me unable to use my treadmill. After using a few months I love this stationary recumbent bike and am not missing the treadmill at all. Best things are: it folds easily to a very manageable size and rolls quickly to store away, it’s adjustable from very recumbent to a regular stationary bike, it has enough resistance to quickly get an aerobic burn going, the hand exercise bands let me get a decent upper body workout, the iPad/iPhone holder is great, and best of all it feels substantial and steady and well-made. Small downsides are: in a fully recumbent position the heart rate monitor is hard to reach and isn’t very accurate so I use my finger clip pulse monitor occasionally instead, and the screen is pretty tilted and you can’t see it at all if you have a tablet in the holder. It doesn’t bother me because I’m usually streaming on the iPad and don’t check my stats until I’m done. Also the back rest is pretty short but I just place it against the wall with a small cushion for my back.I highly recommend this bike. I was worried about the quality since the price was so great compared to similar bikes on homebikes, but it’s a fantastic product all around.

  52. Myah Jimenez

    Easy to put together….. my husband was going to put it together “tomorrow” but I didn’t want to wait….. put it together myself! Comfortable and so quiet!

  53. Blaze Waters

    Like many people, I couldn’t get to the gym after the pandemic hit. With things reopening, but safety still up in the air, going to the gym is still not an option when I have young kids. Working from home is taking its toll from the long hours of sitting. Figured it was time to invest in some workout equipment to use in the long term.The husband and I agreed on purchasing this bike due to the price point. Also, for the convenience of being to sit while I do work is an attractive option.Delivery: The bike came in a well packaged box. It appears to weigh maybe 35-40 lbs. Even with the heavy weight, the box did not rip and nothing was damaged upon opening.Installation: The bike came with instructions that took up two pages. The main body had two pieces that were already attached. I had to open it and added the legs. Once the legs were on, they helped stabilize the whole bike so I can screw on the seat, back rest, handle bars and the screens. TIP: After installing all the other parts, make sure to tighten the screws right in the middle of the main body of the bike. I was able to install the whole bike by myself in about 30-40 minutes, with husband coming in to make sure the screws were secured tightly at the end. SECOND TIP: Buy a yoga mat to put under the bike if you have wooden floors. Since it’s light weight, it can move around quite a bit. The yoga mat keeps it in place and keeps your floor from getting scratched up.Comfort: When I first installed the seat, it looked awkward as it seems to be tilting back rather than straight up. Being vertically challenged at 5 ft tall, I didn’t think this would work out since this would make it harder for my feet to reach the pedals. After the installation process was complete, I located the knob in the back to adjust the seat straight up. This adjustment made it work for both myself and my husband at 5 ft 10 inches. As for the seat itself, it appears to be a standard seat that could be sit on for some time. I tried working on laptop while pedaling and it got uncomfortable after awhile. A little bit more cushion would have helped me sit and pedal for a longer period of time. I might have to invest in a cushion so I can work out longer.Workout: The monitor at the top displays your heart rate, distance, speed, etc. based on what you select. As for the resistance in the pedaling, there is a knob below the monitor. I’ve adjusted the knob back and forth to test the different resistance. Unless you’re going from the weakest to the strongest, you won’t notice the difference as much. As a default, we left the resistance at the strongest level so it will be a workout no matter what. When purchasing this bike, I also did not realize that there were rowing ropes (which saved me from purchasing a separate rowing machine). This came as a nice surprise when I opened the box. I have not used the rowing part yet since every time I sat on the bike, I needed to use my hands to work on laptop. Husband has tried the rowing at the same time and he loves it…anything beats running around in the heat for him.Overall, this bike has good value. I am able to pedal and/or row at the same time to get my heart rate up. Or just get in some physical activity while doing work. It is a lightweight and portable machine that can be easily moved around or fold up to put away. The legs do need some sort of grip to prevent it from slipping on wooden floors. I’ve mainly used the screen as a calorie counter. I want to believe it’s accurate, but it seems to be on the higher side. I didn’t look at the screen much while sitting on the bike since I was able to use it to prop my laptop right on there.

  54. Chaz Estes

    I HATE going to the gym but really needed to start working out on something with low impact. When this arrived I had it sep up by myself in half an hour and knew it was exactly what I was looking for. The seat is adjustable which is great because I like to sit a little lower. The resistance works great and is easily adjustable, the resistance bands give your arms a good burn. The monitor tracks your progress and pulse and distance correctly. I have nothing negative to say about this, for the price you cant beat it, and you get a great workout in your own home! My boyfriend has bad knees but was also able to get a great low impact workout on it today, we absolutely love it! I did find that the seat hurt a little, but I think that may be because I haven’t been on a bike on years and I’m not used to it yet, but I’ll still be using this bike constantly.

  55. Edwin Stewart

    This bike is a god-send!! I just had a knee replacement and as I was about to start outpatient rehab when the “Stay at home” order for the pandemic went into effect. I ordered a stationary bike on my surgeons recommendation. It arrived quickly, was well packaged and super easy for my handicapped self to assemble alone!! My recovery is coming along nicely. I can’t comment on the digital display as I just use my Fitbit for all the data I need. I am not in a position to purchase a pricey bike but even if this only last a year or two, I could just buy another. It would still be a great deal!

  56. Violet Wilkerson

    It’s has very cool features and easy installation.I assembled the Bike myself, everything, including tools needed, was included. The quality of this Exercise Bike is excellent for the price, I purchased it for my spouse. The bike feels sturdy and good quality. looking forward to many winter rides on this Exercise Bike.i love this bike i use it twice a day sometimes three times. i put it in front of the tv and ride for hours sometimes.It has different settings like based on hours or miles we can do workouts.Definitely exceeded my expectations.

  57. Ean Barry

    Easy to set up , very nice !

  58. Caiden Morton

    This product was pretty easy to put together, Don’t panic when you open the box and there isn’t a bunch of parts, Most of them are already attached to the enjoining parts. I put it together with out any difficulty. The instruction say to only use the tools for assembly, but I have to omit I did use a socket set, it saved me a lot of time. I have used it twice and very quite! I haven’t tried to fold it up yet, so I can not comment on the ez or difficulty of that action, but I don’t expect and problem.

  59. Laila Walker

    This bike is better than I expected! I’m SO happy with it. It took less than 30 minutes to put together. I did order the extra seat cushion cover for extra comfort. I’m 5’6 and the bike also works for my boyfriend 6’1”. We are very happy with this purchase ! Looking forward to starting the New Year with this great bike!

  60. Hadley Stephenson

    With one of us looking at a knee replacement, and the other looking to improve heart health, we wanted a piece of exercise equipment that would be used for more than hanging clothes to dry. That seems to be what our past purchases did.Part of our health issue is too much time in front of the TV, so we decided to get a piece of equipment that we could easily wheel over to the TV! Yes, we are that lazy and set in our ways.With one of us at over 250 lb, I was concerned this might be flimsy.Not a problem whatsoever. At this price point, I’m really pleasantly surprised at how sturdy it is.One of the things I like best is the adjustable strength arm pulls. When you aren’t using the arm poles you can grab onto the handlebars or sit more upright and grab the handles that are at your hips. Changing out things like that motivate you to stay on the machine and continue cycling. There is even a padded backrest.Sensors can take your pulse, as well as calculate calories. Lots of features.UPDATE: Started using it over a month ago, with two of us and daily use. No issues with it getting wonky with heavy use. We had holiday guests and it was nice being able to wheel it in a different room. The only thing weird is sometimes I’ll walk near it and touch it and it’ll make a little beep, as if to say ‘get your a** on me!’Oh to be nagged by your own exercise equipment!Hope this review was helpful to you, and good luck on your health journey.

  61. Presley Whitehead

    Love the bike! Super easy to assemble alone. Pretty self explanatory but did glance at the instructions. I’m 5’0 and was concerned but it adjusted perfect for me. Its strudy, the seat is comfortable! The back rest and handles are a great addition to the seat. Everything is great! I haven’t had a chance to use the monitor yet cause it takes batteries and I need to go get some lol But Im loving the bike. It’s an amazing buy for someone short like me.

  62. Gaige Nichols

    This is a fantastic exercise bike. easy to install and use. Very sturdy also lighted weighted to move around. My families like it and use it everyday now. Adjustable seat to fit everyone in the family. Great price too. highly recommended for anyone who want to excise at home.

  63. Averie Benjamin

    I was looking for an exercise bike to do some cardio when I get home after work while watching YT or browsing the web. I am really happy I found and purchased this bike. It was pretty easy to assemble, with nice instructions and all the necessary tools included. It took me ~35 minutes to assemble, following the instruction in the booklet. I like the sturdy build, it is much better than I was expecting to get at this price point. The magnetic wheel is whisper quite while pedalling which is specially important for me since I use the bike sometimes with other people working or sleeping in the same room. Two things the manufacturer can improve on are: 1- Use a better seat cushion with more padding 2: include larger wheels on the front bracket so the bike can be wheeled around more easily from room to room. Overall, I am very happy with this bike and recommend it.

  64. Sara Osborne

    This is a great purchase. Very easy to assemble… and I usually hire people to put together IKEA furniture 😂 It’s easy to move and very quiet, so apartment friendly. Overall, I’m happy to have purchased this! I will say, the calorie counter is definitely not accurate, as it says I burn close to 500 calories in a half an hour at almost no resistance. Otherwise – a great purchase!

  65. Anabelle Archer

    It was really easy to assemble, instructions are simple and clear, did it myself without a major struggle. And it is a great way to get some work out done during the Covid restrictions. Delivery did take much longer than anticipated but I assume that’s because of covid as well.I’m overall happy with my purchase

  66. Lilianna Cowan

    Just started using it. So far it seems great. Smooth pedaling and I like that you can sit back in semi resting position if watching TV which sometimes is a real motivator to exercise:) It provides all measures of exercise including hear rate and calories. Great value. Seems sturdy but will review again if it does not hold up.

  67. Alex Olsen

    I try to exercise and just never stick with anything. I felt like being able to literally sit and watch TV while exercising would be for me. I chose this bike because of its ability to be both incumbent and upright, it’s holder for an iPad and the added arm exercisers. It was easy enough to put together by myself, it’s sturdy, doesn’t take up too much space, it’s quiet and it works great (I AM going to get a gel seat cover)!! And now I gotta just stick with it!

  68. Bobby Herman

    I absolutely love this bike. It was simple to put together, didn’t take more than 30 minutes. It is compact and easy to store. I enjoy the addition of the bands as well, it’s an easy way to add a bit extra into your workout.There are also eight tension levels for you to utilize, an adjustable monitor, and heart rate indicators on the handles. For the price this is a great product.

  69. Alice Stephens

    LOVE this bike! It’s perfect for an at-home gym or living room. My 9 year old has rode it more than I have, and he loves it, too. It was easy to assemble with one person, but the tools provided could be better quality.The bike is completely silent when used, which is great for watching TV and not disturbing the family. The bike tracks calories, MPH, HR, and distance. The digital display has a little ledge that fits my iPhone or iPad perfectly.Overall, a great little addition to my mini home gym! Definitely will recommend to friends.

  70. Alisson Shepard

    I love how little space this bike takes up. I’m able to move it around easily, set it up behind the couch to work out while watching TV or move it to the garage to keep it out of the way. The iPad holder is a great feature as well and it’s deep enough that it could hold a book instead. For me, having some form of entertainment is key. Now I can burn off 300 calories while watching a half hour show that I would have watched sitting on my butt on the couch.

  71. Kasey Sparks

    I just assembled and tested the bike out, and I love it! I can’t speak to longevity (I’ll try to remember to update in a few months), but it certainly seems like an excellent value for the money.As other reviewers have said, it runs practically silently, so I don’t need to change the volume on my TV or phone to account for extra noise while working out. There is enough variation in the resistance in the flywheel to provide a varied workout. Assembly was a breeze and took maybe 10-15 minutes. I really appreciated that the hardware was loosely placed with the parts they attached to. It made assembly so much easier! The height and angles seem to be appropriate and comfortable.The stability is one of the only things that indicates that the bike isn’t top of the line. It creaks just a bit and has a few attachments that are a little loose. Also, the seat is not terribly comfortable, but I can’t say yet how it is in the long term.Full disclosure: I’ve never owned a stationary bike before, but this one does the trick for me. If you have wide hips, you might need to remove the handlebars beneath the seat. Otherwise, I’m super pleased with the bike and think it’s a great value. I definitely recommend it!

  72. Lillian Parrish

    Got this to create a quarantine home gym and it’s amazing-compact, easy to assemble, and works like a dream. Display shows distance and pulse. The real reason I got this one was for its retractable handles-like an arm machine and bike in one, absolutely love it. Have it set up in front of the TV and have used my at home Netflix binges for good as a result!

  73. Juan Hayes

    I liked that this bike had the added benefit of an upper body workout and a tablet/phone holder. I had been searching for a bike a for a while and was impressed with this bike. It was a great price and looked easy to use. I am glad I purchased this bike as it was easy to assemble and it folds up when not is use. I would highly recommend

  74. Patrick Keller

    Excellent bike. Exactly what I ordered. Hubby put it together in about 15-20 minutes. Smooth riding. Love the back support and place to put phone. Seat is a bit hard but I have ordered a gel seat cover to go over it. My husband, teen son, and myself have used it. Just what we needed.

  75. Haylee Haynes

    This bike has it all. Not only does it fold up for easy storage, it is sturdy, comfortable to ride, and has the addition of the arm bands for an extra work out and a multi-monitor that checks your speed, calories, distance, time and your heart rate. Nice that you can adjust the tension on the bike to make it harder or easier to peddle. It makes no noise as you peddle. I can set it in front of my TV or turn on some music and ride. It has a holder for cell phone/I Pad if you want to use exercise apps. My first time on I did 5 Miles in 15 minutes which I think is awesome. If you are looking for a nice exercise bike, you can’t go wrong with this one, and the price was super reasonable! I love my new exercise bike .

  76. Ansley Macdonald

    I’m very pleased with this new bike. I have an older Lifestyler and cannot adjust the tension anymore. The new bike doesn’t have the handles that move, but it does have the arm pulleys are a great alternative. I don’t have to use them if I don’t want to, but they are there if I do. The bike is practically silent. I LOVE that about this bike. My old one was loud and I had to turn the music or tv volume way up. Also, it is very lightweight. I can move it about the house with one arm. A real plus. I highly recommend this bike.

  77. Rhys Hurst

    This little bike is AMAZING! I actually hate cardio but this is the easiest cardio workout I’ve ever done and you burn about 100 calories every 10 mins. I use my phone a lot while I’m on the bike and it makes the time fly. I definitely would recommend. Good quality, sturdy and you dont need a floor mat.

  78. Kendall Farrell

    This bike is very well built. Fit, finish and features are high quality. It makes me wonder how this can be sold at such a reasonable price. Assembly is not difficult as most of the nus and bolts are partially assembled and not tossed into a bag that you have to figure out what goes where. Assembly instructions were clear to me.One tip is that if you can get hold of a 13 mm ratchet wrench or socket it will speed up securing the nuts.I expect to get many years of use from the bike.

  79. Marlon Glass

    I needed this bike for exercise. Have been having knee problems and was told walking was no longer a good exercise for me. I go to the senior center and use the equipment there some but wanted something at home for when I didn’t want to get out. This is a good option for me. I was able to put this together myself.

  80. Allan Sharp

    There are 7 steps to assemble this bike. Once I finished step 1, it was very easy to complete assembly. This bike is extremely sturdy. It has everything I was looking for: back to lean against, 2 positions available, (recumbent and upright), rolls easily from one location to another, indicates pulse, miles, time, etc. I would definitely buy this product again and highly recommend it.

  81. Zara Hooper

    Great home bike. Was easy to assemble by one person. Very quiet! Can easily multi task while riding. Ride about 20-40 miles daily and haven’t had any mechanical issues.Con – the seat is not as comfortable as product stated. Had to purchase additional gel pad to be comfortable.Have not collapsed to put away yet so no knowledge.

  82. Jett Carey

    Got it for my 30ish year old wife, I use it more than her know. Seriously the easy of use to jump on this in the garage or living room is worth the money alone. I would rate the sturdiness an 8/10, again for the price thats good. functions are great, hand resistant pulls are not bad actually. I am a mountain biker and backpacker and I will still jump on this for 10-30 min and listen to the radio, its a good buy.

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